24 Potato Recipes You'll Never Get Tired Of

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    Hearty Roasted Potatoes With Ham

    Potatoes and Ham Fried Then Baked. Diana Rattray

    This is an earthy, somewhat rustic dish, and a simple preparation. Slice, dice, toss, and bake! 

    The easy oven dish is an excellent way to use leftover ham, and the dish makes a fabulous meal with a tossed salad. 

     Hearty Roasted Potatoes With Ham

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    Mashed Potatoes and Rutabagas

    Mashed Potatoes and Rutabagas
    Mashed Potatoes and Rutabagas. Diana Rattray

     This is a great twist on everyday plain mashed potatoes. Cooked rutabagas are mashed with the potatoes, adding a subtle sweetness and lighter texture.

    Mashed Potatoes and Rutabagas


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    Creamed New Potatoes with Green Beans

    Creamed New Potatoes With Green Beans
    Creamed New Potatoes With Green Beans. Diana Rattray

     Use garden fresh green beans or those delicious little French green beans in this recipe. New potatoes are seasonal, so if you can't find them, you can replace the new potatoes with small potatoes or fingerlings. 

    Creamed New Potatoes with Green Beans

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    Light Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    mashed potatoes
    Cultura/Brett Stevens/Riser/Getty Images

    These garlic mashed potatoes are easy to make and always a hit.

    Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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    Potato Hotpot With Andouille Sausage

    Andouille Sausage and Potato Hot Pot
    Andouille Sausage and Potato Hot Pot. Diana Rattray

     This is my take on the classic Lancashire Hotpot. I added spicy andouille sausage to the dish, though a milder cooked sausage could be used as well.

    Andouille Sausage and Potato Hotpot

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    Classic Hash Brown Casserole

    Hash Brown Potato Casseole
    Hash Brown Casserole. Diana Rattray

    This hash brown casserole is packed with flavor, from the cheddar sour cream filling to the cheesy bread crumb topping. If you take it to a potluck supper, make sure you take a few copies of the recipe.

    Hash Brown Casserole

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    Perfect Baked Potatoes

    Baked Potato
    Baked Potato. Diana Rattray

     Who doesn't love basic baked potatoes?. These potatoes are rubbed with olive oil and optional coarse salt and baked to perfection. Because of their high starch content and low moisture, russets are an excellent choice for baking.

     Perfect Baked Potatoes

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    Skillet Home Fries

    Skillet Home Fries
    Skillet Home Fries. Diana Rattray

     Whether for a big hearty breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, you can't beat these great potatoes. This version is made with onions, but you can leave them out if you aren't a fan. Add some chopped bell pepper for color.

    Skillet Home Fries

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    Roasted Potatoes With Bacon

    Roasted Potatoes With Bacon
    Roasted Potatoes With Bacon. Diana Rattray

     These roasted potatoes are perfect for a hearty breakfast or brunch. They go well with steaks, roasts, chicken, or pork as well.

     Roasted Potatoes With Bacon

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    Red Potato Salad With Sour Cream and Dill

    Potato Salad With Dill
    Potato Salad With Dill. Diana Rattray

    This potato salad is an excellent salad to enjoy on a hot summer day or take to a cookout. There are eggs in this salad, but it could be made without them. The dressing is a delicious combination of mayonnaise and sour cream, with fresh dill and chopped dill pickle for extra flavor.

     Red Potato Salad With Sour Cream and Dill

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    Cheddar and Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes

    Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar
    Bacon and Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes. E+/Getty Images

     This is a dish I enjoy with steaks or along with a beef or pork roast. The potatoes are baked, mashed, and then stuffed back into the potato skins. The filled potatoes are baked once again with a topping of shredded cheese, green onions, and crumbled bacon.

    Twice Baked Potatoes

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    Scalloped Potatoes With Bacon

    Scalloped Potatoes With Bacon
    Scalloped Potatoes With Bacon. Diana Rattray

     Everyone loves scalloped potatoes, and the smoky bacon makes them that much more interesting. The creamy bacon and onion sauce is flavored with a touch of ground nutmeg. Feel free to omit the nutmeg and top the casserole with some cheddar cheese just before it comes out of the oven.

     Scalloped Potatoes With Bacon

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    Picnic Potato Salad

    Picnic Egg Potato Salad
    Picnic Potato Salad. Diana Rattray

     This is a classic potato salad made with hard-boiled eggs and potatoes combined with a creamy mayonnaise and mustard dressing. I like to garnish this salad with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers when they're in season.

     ​Picnic Potato Salad

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    Cheddar Potatoes au Gratin With Ham

    Potato Gratin With Ham
    Potato Gratin With Ham. Diana Rattray

     Diced tomatoes team up with diced ham, cheddar cheese, and seasonings to make this delicious potato bake. The casserole is topped with buttery bread crumbs for a crunchy, delicious browned topping.

    Cheddar Potato Gratin With Ham

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    Roasted Potatoes With Parmesan Cheese

    Parmesan Roasted Potatoes
    Parmesan Roasted Potatoes. Diana Rattray

     These potatoes are just as delicious as the photo looks. The Parmesan cheese helps the potatoes brown, and it gives them amazing flavor. It's a simple preparation, and the potatoes take about an hour to roast.

     Roasted Potatoes With Parmesan Cheese

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    Potato Skins with Cheese and Bacon

    Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheese
    Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheese. Diana Rattray

     Serve these crispy baked potato skins with a fresh chunky tomato salsa, ranch dressing dip, or plain sour cream.  They make an outstanding snack or appetizer!

     Potato Skins with Cheese and Bacon

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    Seasoned Baked French Fries

    Oven Fries
    Baked French Fries. Diana Rattray

     These baked French fries are first tossed with a little oil. Use a spicy Cajun or Creole seasoning or use a seasoned salt blend.

     Seasoned Baked French Fries

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    Chunky Potato and Ham Soup With Cheese

    Chunky Potato Soup With Ham
    Chunky Potato Soup With Ham. Diana Rattray

     This awesome soup is full of flavor, and it is hearty enough to serve for dinner.Chunks of potatoes and ham float in a rich, cheesy base. Add a tossed salad and some crusty bread or biscuits for a meal your family will ask for again and again.

     Chunky Potato and Ham Soup With Cheese

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    Creamy Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes

    Rich Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes
    Scalloped Potatoes With Cheddar Cheese. Diana Rattray

     This rich and creamy cheddar scalloped potatoes are always a hit. Bake this casserole for a family meal, holiday feast, or take it along to a potluck dinner.

    Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes

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    Loaded Potato Casserole

    Loaded Potato Casserole
    Loaded Potato Casserole. Diana Rattray

     I was thinking of loaded potato soup when I made this mashed potato casserole. Sour cream, green onions, bacon, and cheddar are among the ingredients. It's an excellent casserole for a special occasion.

    Loaded Potato Casserole

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    New Potatoes with Garlic Cream and Chives

    New Potatoes with Garlic Cream and Chives
    New Potatoes with Garlic Cream and Chives. Diana Rattray

    New potatoes are small with very thin skins, and you'll only find them early in the growing season. They have a special creaminess and excellent flavor, but if you can't find them you can replace them with small round "baby" potatoes or fingerling potatoes.

     New Potatoes with Garlic Cream

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    Perfect Mashed Potatoes

    Fluffy Mashed Potatoes
    Fluffy Mashed Potatoes. Diana Rattray

     Preparation and cooking tips for perfect mashed potatoes, including how to choose the best potatoes for mashing, how to make them lump-free, and some flavor tricks.

     Perfect Mashed Potatoes

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    Loaded Potato Salad

    Loaded Baked Potato Salad
    Loaded Baked Potato Salad. Diana Rattray

    This salad is loaded with vegetables, cheese, bacon, and flavor! Serve it with burgers or steaks, or add it to your summer cookout menu. It's a great salad for tailgating, too! 

     Baked Potato Salad