14 Pots and Pans Storage Ideas

Pot racks with cooking pots hanging on them in a traditional style kitchen

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Whether you have a spacious kitchen with a large island or a tiny kitchen that has very limited cabinet space, storing cooking pots and pans can be a challenge. They can be bulky and take up a lot of room, long handles can be hard to fit inside small cabinets and lids can turn into a messy pile before you know it. Read on for 14 creative storage solutions and ideas.

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    Install a Pot Rail Above Your Stove

    Pot rail hanging above stove

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    For smaller pots and pans and kitchen tools that you use on a daily basis, install a pot rail above your stove. Rails come in different sizes, from small ones that can hold a couple pieces to much longer rails. They use hooks to hold pots, pans, colanders, strainers and other kitchen items and are not just a practical organizational tool but a beautiful decorative feature. They come in various finishes, from antique brass to polished chrome, so you can easily find one to complement your kitchen style and decor.

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    Hang a Pot Rack On the Ceiling

    Pots and pans hanging from a rack above a kitchen island

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    If space permits, hang a pot rack on the ceiling. They are available in various sizes and price points, and are an excellent storage solution that utilizes an otherwise unused area in your kitchen. It keeps your pots and pans easily accessible and also adds a traditional decorative feature, especially if you add a couple copper pots into the mix. A pot rack hanging above a large kitchen island is a classic and timeless look you can't go wrong with.

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    Hang Them Above the Countertops

    Copper pots hanging above countertops

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    For a simple and traditional look reminiscent of an English country kitchen, hang pots above your countertops. Not only are they easy to grab when you need them, but they also provide a nice decorative accent, especially if you use a coordinating collection of pots such as these copper pots.

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    Use a Lazy Susan Inside a Cabinet

    Pots and pans stored in a lazy Susan inside kitchen cabinet

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    if you have a built-in lazy Susan inside your kitchen cabinets, or are planning on installing one during an upcoming kitchen remodel, it provides the perfect spot for storing pots and pans of various sizes. The main benefit is that you can easily access them without having to rummage through packed cabinets or removing pots that are in the front to get to those in the back.

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    Use a Peg Board

    Pans and other kitchen tools hanging on a white peg board

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    Perhaps the image of pots and pans hanging on a peg board reminds you of Julia Child's famous custom designed kitchen. A peg board is a great way to use vertical space that would otherwise go unused, especially if there isn't enough room for a shelf or cabinet. It also allows you to fully customize the storage layout — simply hang it on the wall and place hooks exactly where you need them to accommodate your pots and pans as well as other kitchen items.

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    Utilize Floating Shelves

    Floating shelves with various kitchen items including kitchen pots

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    Floating shelves provide extra storage as well as a place to display decorative kitchenware. Store smaller, less heavy pots and pans that you use daily or on a regular basis on floating shelves so they're always on hand.

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    Store Them In a Drawer

    Pots and pans inside a drawer

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    More and more kitchens feature drawers in the lower cabinets rather than shelves, and for good reason. It is much easier to reach for and find items such as pots and pans in slide-out drawers, without having to strain your back or having to remove countless items to get to the one stockpot that's hiding in the back.

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    Add a Freestanding Shelf

    Stainless steel pots stored on ladder shelf in a kitchen

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    If you're short on cabinet storage, consider adding open shelving. When working with a tight space, think vertically and use a piece such as a ladder shelf. It'll give your kitchen a utilitarian vibe and provides both much needed storage for pots and pans as well as a spot to display your favorite cookbooks and mug collection.

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    Use a Pan Organizer

    Baking pans in a pan organizer

    Joanna Organize

    Instead of baking pans piling up and being hard to find, use a handy organizer such as this one to store them neatly. Each one will have a designated spot, they won't get scratched and it'll be easy to locate the pan you're looking for.

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    Install a Pot Rail On the Range Hood

    Cooking pans hanging on range hood

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    Some range hoods come with a built-in pot rail on the front and sometimes on the sides as well. It is not just for decorative purposes and while it may not necessarily be the best way to store larger pots, it works well for smaller saucepans.

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    Add a Cabinet Door Shelf

    Stainless steel cooking pots inside kitchen cabinet

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    Maximize every inch of your kitchen cabinets with mechanical shelves such as this one. They can be added to existing cabinets and are a great way to store pots and pans and utilize negative space that would otherwise be empty.

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    Store Them In the Pantry

    Stainless steel pots in a pantry

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    Store larger, heavier or less frequently used pots and pans in a pantry if you have one. This way they don't take up valuable space in your cabinets and make room for more regularly used cookware.

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    Keep It On the Stove

    White Dutch oven on a stove

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    If you have a beautiful Dutch oven, display it on your stovetop! It'll add a sophisticated yet homey touch, plus you won't have to lift it out of the cabinet every time you need to use it.

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    Hang Pot Rails On the Wall

    Pots and pans hanging on pot rails on the wall

    Laura Cattano

    If you have an unused wall in your kitchen that feels like wasted space because it's not large enough for a cabinet or shelves, consider hanging pot rails one above the other directly on the wall. You'll save cabinet space and utilize an otherwise wasted wall.