Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw Review

An incredibly warm blanket that looks and feels high-end

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Pottery Barn Faux Fur Alpaca Throw

Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw

The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

What We Like
  • Soft texture

  • Nice weight

  • Excellent warmth

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to dry

  • 50 x 60 inch is too small

  • Layers separate

Bottom Line

The Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw provides excellent warmth and irresistible texture, but you pay extra for the brand name.


Pottery Barn Faux Fur Alpaca Throw

Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw

The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

We purchased the Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Throws like the Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw add color and texture to a room. A throw’s smaller size may not fit over your bed, but it should at least cover your lap for added warmth on a cold day. They also need to be durable for daily use. A throw that pills, tears, or mats won’t do you much good. Throws may be purely decorative but should still be easy to clean in case of accidental spills. We put the Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw to the test as a decorative and functional lap warmer. Keep reading to get our take on this expensive throw.  

Material: Luxurious, soft, and warm

The Faux Alpaca Throw feels amazing as soon as you open the package. It’s not scratchy or stiff like some faux furs. This fur smoothly glides under your hand. We found ourselves distracted by the fur during testing and often just stroked it because it felt so good. 

The faux fur isn’t the only texture. On the opposite side of the blanket, there’s a low-pile fleece that’s equally as soft. You can’t run your fingers through it like the faux fur, but you can tell it’s high quality from the way it feels and its durability after washing.

You can feel that there’s a third insulating layer between the two sides. It adds weight to the throw that makes it both incredibly warm and comforting. This may not be a weighted blanket, but the inner layer adds substantial weight that we really liked. 

Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw
The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

With all those heavy layers, this throw needs a strong, sturdy binding to hold it together. The fleece binding with sturdy stitches feels just as luxurious as the rest of the throw. The only complaint we have about the three-layer design is the separation of the layers. The fleece and faux fur layers are loose while the center layer remains taut. It caused some shifting and comfort issues that were annoying but aren’t a deal-breaker.  

Texture: Take this throw everywhere

The throw’s texture made it a favorite during testing. You can’t help but run your fingers through the faux fur. The softness rivals any blanket or throw we’ve ever used. The fleece’s texture feels good too, but finding a good fleece isn’t as hard as finding an amazing, durable faux fur. There was absolutely no little hairs or flyaways left behind. 

Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw
The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

Washing: Machine washable but watch out for drying

The Faux Alpaca is machine washable in the gentle cycle. We put it through cold water and made sure to dissolve our laundry detergent before putting in with the throw. The matted, wet cat-like appearance it had when we took it out had us a little concerned. We really hoped its appearance would improve after drying. However, drying turned into a fiasco. 

We’re happy that once it dried, it lost the wet cat appearance and returned to it’s soft, inviting texture.

Line drying isn’t a problem in the summer when you can lay it outside, and the heat will do the rest of the work. Winter-time drying proved to be more of an issue. You'll likely be using the throw more in the winter, so that’s also when you will need to wash it. This throw is heavy and thick. We hung it for an hour in our bathroom, and it didn’t dry at all. If you leave wet clothing or textiles for too long, they sour. Then, you have a stinky throw that no one wants to use. 

After trying a few different hanging techniques, we fashioned a contraption, using four stools and a broom, to hang the Faux Alpaca in front of our woodstove. It worked, but it wasn’t hassle-free or fast. Only one side of the throw could face the heat at once, so we had to keep rotating it. We left it overnight in front of the woodstove, and it still wasn’t dry.

Finally, when it was too warm outside to keep a fire in the woodstove, we pulled out a box fan to finish the job. All in all, it took us over 12 hours to dry it. We do not recommend washing this throw unless really necessary. 

We’re happy that once it dried, it lost the wet cat appearance and returned to it’s soft, inviting texture. The fabrics didn’t take on any weird smells due to the long drying period either. And, even after washing, no fur was shed. In fact, no hairs were shed during use, washing, or drying.  

Price: Expensive, but you're paying for quality and a brand name

While the Faux Alpaca feels amazing, keeps you warm, and looks luxurious, it’s expensive. You’re paying for the Pottery Barn brand name along with the quality. It’s well made, durable, and so soft. This throw also has some heft to it. I would expect to pay more for a high-quality faux fur throw. It’s on par with similar quality and well-known brand name throws. 

Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw
The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

Competition: Reasonable alternatives are out there

Faux Fur Brushed Tips Throw: This long hair throw has a more natural appearance than the Faux Alpaca and costs less. However, it’s not quite as heavy, and its long hairs are not as comfortable. 

Best Home Fashion Fox Faux Fur Throw: This blanket is on par with the Faux Alpaca. However, alpaca hair may not be your style, while a faux fox, a more classic fur, might be more up your alley. It comes in several colors and more sizes than the Faux Alpaca.  

Final Verdict

Yes, if you’re ready to invest in luxury.

The two things that give us pause when considering recommending the Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw are the high price and the drying issue. If you can overlook the price, then you can also find a way to dry this throw or get it professionally cleaned.


  • Product Name Faux Fur Alpaca Throw
  • Product Brand Pottery Barn
  • Price $149.00
  • Product Dimensions 50 x 60 in.
  • Color Gray or white
  • Material 85% acrylic, 15% polyester (faux fur and fleece)