Potting Sheds Are Growing Up and Glowing Up

potting shed

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

A potting shed is more than just a space in which to store gardening supplies. Many homeowners have been taking a traditional potting shed and turning into a little backyard retreat, which we totally love! Why not carve out a space to kick back and get away from all that's going on inside the house? We spoke with home decor experts who did just this and gathered their tips on ways to make a potting shed shine.

Revamp Your Potting Shed's Interior

Home design blogger and influencer Ursula Carmona is among one individual who turned her own potting shed into a little backyard escape. She took what had been "the eyesore on the property" and turned it into "the perfect hangout after a hard day of work," all thanks to thoughtful decorating choices, detailed below. "Transforming this shed allowed me the opportunity to create smarter storage for a more practical space, in addition to creating a charming space to do my garden tasks," she shares. And Carmona immediately found herself wanting to spend more time in her revamped space. "Mundane chores I used to do in the shed suddenly became the most anticipated part of my day after the renovation," she adds. "It meant I could steal away to this beautiful little getaway in my own backyard!"

potting shed

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Carmona truly decorated this space as it if it was a regular room inside her house, adding sophisticated touches including wall coverings, artwork, plants, and more. "Don't be afraid to add the same personalized touches to your shed as you would the interior of a home," she comments. "I added pattern and design with stunning wallpaper, made a statement with moody paint colors, and added a touch of glam with gold hardware and fixtures."

glam potting shed

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Add Charm Out Front

Home design blogger Michele McDonald uses the inside of her potting shed primarily for gardening purposes but chose to style the outside so that it resembles a small front porch. Bright red painted shutters, artful decorative accents, along with a chair and side table, add a welcoming feel to the space, where McDonald enjoys sitting and starting her day. "The outside is an absolute dream of bright colors and florals," McDonald says of her shed. "I can't help but smile when I see how all the projects came together to make the exterior of the potting shed what it is today. It has added a comforting space that is all my own; a perfect place to have my morning coffee or watch the kids play in the backyard."

potting shed

Michele McDonald

McDonald encourages others who wish to take on a similar revamp project in their own backyard to "just go for it!" She adds, "Look for inspirational images of what you want your space to be. Then jump outside of your comfort zone as needed, grab those power tools, and make the space a place of your dreams."

Keep These Design Tips in Mind

Note that there's no need to break the bank when outfitting your potting shed, whether you wish to focus on the inside, out, or both. Thrift stores and garage sales are excellent places to search for furnishings, artwork, fabric, and more. Remember, even if a piece of furniture has seen better days, it can be totally transformed with a fresh coat of spray paint. Placing a new shade on a thrift store lamp can take a piece from so-so to sophisticated. Mirrors, vases, picture frames, and coffee table books are other accessories that are easy to source secondhand and will make all the difference in transforming your potting shed.

Additionally, consider the potting shed an opportunity to experiment with a new decorative style. Perhaps your home features more traditional decor, but you've lately been curious about incorporating more eclectic pieces to your space. The potting shed is the perfect place to try out a new style! In fact, designing this space so that it looks and feels totally different from your actual home will only make it feel like even more of a special getaway and escape from the every day, so don't be afraid to have a little fun and go bold with color, pattern, and more.