6 Great Potty Chairs For Toddlers

Some toddlers prefer a potty that is closer to their size when they start potty training. Potty chairs make it easy for toddlers to get to the toilet on their own, and some are made in fun designs so they encourage kids to use them. These potty chairs are some of the best available, and come in a variety of styles and prices to meet your needs.

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    The modern style of Boon's Potty Bench will fit in to any family's bathroom. It has all of the features any toddler needs for potty training, including a built-in toilet paper holder and a flexible splash guard, plus it's convenient for parents thanks to the pull-out drawer for cleanup. The side drawers have space for storing any potty training supplies you may need. When the Potty Bench is all folded up, it makes a step stool that even adults can safely use.

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    This basic potty chair from Fisher Price doesn't have lots of fancy features, but it's cute and engaging for toddlers, thanks to the fun frog theme. Parents of boys rave about the integrated splash-guard, since there's no extra piece to come off, and also that this potty chair has a higher splash guard than most. If you're on a budget, the price can't be beat, either.

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    Baby Bjorn's Potty Chair is a perennial favorite among parents, thanks to its basic design and fun colors. The high back gives toddlers a place to rest comfortably, which can be important, since sometimes potty training involves a lot of long waits on the potty chair. If your toddler gets distracted by lights and sounds, a simple potty chair like this one from Baby Bjorn may be a great choice.

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    A toddler-size version of the grown-up potty just might encourage your little one to get started with potty training. The potty lid moves up and down, the flushing handle clicks when you push it, and when your toddler is successful at using this potty chair, there are songs and encouraging phrases as a reward. A toilet paper holder on the side means your child can always spare a square, too. You can use this potty chair on the floor initially, but it also converts to a potty seat to be used atop...MORE the regular toilet.

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    This potty chair is a bit more popular among parents of girls versus boys because of its design, but it is adaptable to a variety of needs, so it's a great value. The Summer Infant Step By Step Potty Trainer can be used with or without the plastic front guard. These guards work well for some kids and not for others, so being able to remove it may be a plus. The seat is padded for comfort, and there are handles for stability. A toilet paper holder is built into the side, and there's a...MORE wipes holder on the back, as well. The seat portion comes out and can fit onto the adult toilet as a potty seat, and the rest of the potty chair then becomes a step stool.

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    In the "completely over the top, but maybe effective" category, these royalty-theme potty chairs have a photo frame built into the back so your toddler can clearly lay claim to the potty empire. The princess version has a sweet pink and lavender color scheme, while the prince throne is done up in navy and burgundy. The center of the throne has a cutout with a removable bowl. A little tab on the bowl matches up with a cutout on the front of the potty chair so it's easy to get the bowl...MORE out when needed. When potty training is through, the throne can be used as a regular chair.