Here Are 5 Powder Rooms With Style, Panache

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    Powder Room Ideas: Make This Tiny Bathroom Pop With Style and Function

    Gallery of Powder Room Ideas
    DalTile, except lower-right, Behr Process Corp.

    This tiny bathroom, often no larger than a closet, needn't be mousy or dull. Though just four walls, sink, and a toilet, a powder room can have as much panache as any other bathroom in the house.

    What Is a Powder Room?

    A powder room is a small bathroom, usually under 50 square feet, designed for general use by both residents of the house and guests. It's usually located on the ground level, near common areas.

    At its most basic, a powder room consists of a toilet and a sink (after all, you don't...MORE expect your guests to take a shower or bath). A powder room allows guests to relieve themselves and wash their hands.

    Contrast this with a guest bathroom--for overnight guests--which may be adjoining a guest bedroom, consisting of a toilet, sink, and a bathtub or shower.

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    • Continuous Flooring is Fine: The standard recommendation about not putting wood flooring in a bathroom does not apply to powder rooms. It's fine to continue water-averse flooring such as solid hardwood into the powder room because you do not expect this floor to be subjected to large quantities of water. Carpet is the one exception.
    • Sinks and Their Bases Make a Difference: Sink bases are the single largest piece of furniture in your powder room. As you'll see in this guide, big box-like sink bases eat up tons of space. Pedestal sinks, by contrast, do not require a sink base cabinet.
    • Powder Room Is Your Public Face: So, make it shine. Be creative and take chances you might not ordinarily take with your private "working bathrooms."
    • Things You Can Do Without: Since space is at a premium, you can leave these things out of your powder room: large towel racks (a small rack for a hand towel is fine); large mirrors (overwhelming in this small space); hooks (one hook on the back of the door for purses or a coat is fine); storage space (store cleaning products and towels elsewhere; exception would be baskets where storage is more for display than function).
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    Powder Room Ideas: Install Large-Sized Tile For Greater "Space"

    Use Large Size Tile to Visually Increase Space. DalTile

    It's completely counter-intuitive, but bear with us a moment:

    When you've got a very small space--which pretty much defines a powder room--smaller tile makes your bathroom look smaller. Conversely, larger tile makes your small space appear larger.

    These oversized, 20" x 20" floor tiles are a great idea for making your powder room feel more spacious.

    Floor tile is Castle De Verre; color: Regal Rouge CV13.

    The 2" x 2" wall mosaic is Coastal Keystones in Caribbean Palm (CK87) color.

    Manufacturer:...MORE DalTile.

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    Powder Room Ideas: Lighter Colors Make Room Feel Airier, Less Claustrophobic

    Powder Room Ideas - Lighter Colored Walls

    Not a rule so much as common sense: use lighter-colored wall coverings in your powder room to make it feel airy

    Wall tile is called Marble Collection in Breccia Oniciata style, 12" x 12" size. Grout color is Summer Wheat.

    Manufacturers: DalTile (wall) and Custom Building Products (wall grout)

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    Powder Room Ideas: Pedestal Sink and Mixed Wall Tiles

    Powder Room Ideas - Pedestal Sink and Diagonal Wall Tile
    Pedestal Sink and Diagonal Wall Tile. DalTile

    There are two good reasons why pedestal sinks are found in so many powder rooms:

    1. Greater Impression of Space: Large, blocky sink bases feel like they are looming over the entire powder room. Slender pedestal sink bases open up all of that space.
    2. Greater Actual Space: And the bonus is that, unlike our other powder room suggestions (large tiles, light-colored wall coverings), pedestal sinks give you actual space, not just perceived space.

    Remember, you don't need to overload your powder room...MORE with lots of colors; sometimes one color is enough.

    The collection is called Rittenhouse Square. Wall tile is 3" x 6" White Harlequin pattern. Lower part of the wall is Semi-Gloss Luminary Gold 6" x 6" field tile. Between the two tiles is a 2" x 6" White Shelf Rail.

    Manufacturer: DalTile

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    Powder Room Ideas: High-Intensity Color Plus Natural Elements

    Powder Room Ideas - Cantilever Sink and Straw Baskets
    Behr Process Corporation

    Maybe you don't want your powder room to be a shrinking violet? If so, consider a super high-intensity color to make this little room pop with incredible personality.

    To avoid overload, balance out this bright color with soothing natural elements like straw baskets for towels, a wood counter, and wood floor.

    The vessel sink reinforces the casual, natural look.

    Paint is Peony Pink for the field wall and Almond Cream for the baseboards. Both are produced by Behr.