22 Power Tool Storage Ideas to Make DIYs Even Easier

power tool storage ideas

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Power tool storage can sometimes seem like even more of a chore than even the trickiest DIY. But don't worry—these 22 power tool storage ideas will help you use your space more effectively, protect your power tools from dust and dirt, and ensure you'll use them more often.

Keep reading for our favorite power tool storage ideas.

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    Create a Custom System

    power tool storage ideas custom system

    Neat by Meg

    When storing power tools, look for easily customizable systems that allow you to add and remove hooks and shelves as needed, allowing you to create the perfect storage system for your tools.

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    Use Drawers

    power tool storage ideas drawers

    Neat by Meg

    Power tools don't have to only go on walls and in boxes—drawers can be a great place to store smaller, frequently-used power tools. Look for drawer dividers and organizers to keep your power tool storage neat and tidy.

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    Try Plywood

    power tool storage ideas plywood

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    For a budget-friendly option, break out the plywood. A simple sheet of plywood can act as a canvas for all your power tool storage needs, Just make sure to mount it against something sturdy so that it can support the weight of your tools.

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    Consider the Size of the Tools

    power tool storage ideas size of tools

    Neat by Meg

    To save space and create a more efficient power tool storage system, store differently-sized power tools in different places. Smaller tools can fit on walls or in drawers, while bulkier or less-frequently used tools can be kept in bins or on top of high shelves.

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    Add a Peg Board

    power tool storage ideas peg board

    Neat by Meg

    The classic peg board is always a great way to store small, frequently-used power tools. Want to store something bigger? Hang a shelf or a heavy-duty rack on the pegboard to store larger power tools on.

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    Keep Counters Free

    power tool storage ideas clean counters

    A Fresh Space

    If you'd prefer to keep your garage or workshop surfaces as clean-as-can-be, consider storing power tools within bins. This will keep them out of sight and keep your space clutter-free. Just don't forget to label the bins so that you can quickly find what you need.

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    Use Eye-Level Space

    power tool storage ideas eye level space

    A Fresh Space

    When storing power tools on racks or boards, the space on the board that's at eye-level is the most valuable. Keep your frequently-used tools here, like drills and hammers, while storing less-used specialty tools higher on the peg board or in bins elsewhere in the space.

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    Use Drawer Dividers

    power tool storage ideas drawer dividers

    @organizewithtracy / Instagram

    Drawer dividers aren't just for the bathroom and kitchen—they can be put to work with power tool storage too. Use narrow dividers to store screwdrivers, hammers and extra batteries for your tools.

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    Keep Your Power Tool Bags

    power tool storage ideas bag

    A Fresh Space

    The bags and boxes that power tools come in often seem like an easy thing to toss out. But before you do, consider keeping the bag if you'll be transporting your power tool from place to place (either within your home or elsewhere), as it will easily fit the power tool along with a few extras.

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    Look for an All-in-One Storage System

    power tool storage ideas all in one system

    A Fresh Space

    For a cohesive and put-together storage system for whatever is inside your workshop or garage, look for an all-in-one storage system that includes shelves, racks, a countertop, and drawers. Though it may be a little pricey, the clean look and loads of function it will bring to your space will be worth it.

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    Keep Tools Inside

    power tool storage ideas indoor pantry

    A Fresh Space

    Not all power tools need to be stored in the garage or the workshop. Consider keeping frequently-used tools, like a drill or hammer, in more the easy-to-reach places of your home, like the pantry or utility closet.

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    Add Organizers to Your Pegboard

    power tool storage ideas pegboard organizer

    @simplysortedwithdeaks / Instagram

    To ensure your pegboard doesn't become an overwhelming mass of tools, add small dividers and organizers to the board to store similar tools near each other. This will give it a more custom look and allow it to be more efficiently used.

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    Use Tool Cabinets

    power tool storage ideas tool cabinet

    A Fresh Space

    Tool cabinets are a great way to store everything you may need in your workshop—from tiny screws to extra-large saws. Use the oversized space in your tool cabinet for power tools to keep them near all the other odds and ends you need to use them.

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    Store Off-Season Tools

    power tool storage ideas off season storage

    A Fresh Space

    If you have plenty of power tools and limited space to keep them all, consider storing "off-season" tools (like yard tools you'll only use in the summer) in boxes and bins that are out of the way.

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    Use Wall Hooks

    power tool storage ideas wall hooks

    A Fresh Space

    Tight on space? Store longer, narrower power tools like weed-whackers on wall hooks meant for yard equipment, brooms, and mops. This is a great way to take advantage of a narrow spot with a repurposed household helper.

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    Add in Adjustable Corners

    power tool storage ideas adjustable corners

    @darkzupra / Instagram

    To ensure power tools stay put within drawers, add in adjustable corners and dividers that give each tool the perfect fit. They're easy to switch in and out too, so you can adjust the drawer over time as needed.

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    Go Minimalist

    power tool storage ideas minimalist

    A Fresh Space

    If you value a neat and tidy workspace above all else, go for a minimalist approach when storing power tools. Keep tools tucked away in storage bins or shelves, and make sure to tidy up whenever you finish.

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    Use a Drawer Liner

    power tool storage ideas drawer liner

    Organize with Tracy

    Looking for a more minimalist approach to power tool storage in drawers? Forget about dividers and bins, and just stick with a grippy drawer liner to keep your tools in place when opening and closing the drawer.

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    Secure Tools in Vehicles

    power tool storage ideas vehicles

    James Custom UK

    If you're looking to store power tools inside a van or work truck, keep tools inside secure bins that won't move around or rattle when driving. Organization is key here too, as you'll need to quickly access whatever tools you need.

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    Use Small Hooks and Shelves

    power tool storage ideas hooks and shelves

    Neat by Meg

    Don't feel like shelling out tons of cash for a large wall rack? Look for smaller hooks and shelves instead, which are cheaper than a wall rack and allow you to buy only as much storage for your power tools as you think you'll need.

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    Use Empty Space Near Power Tools

    power tool storage ideas empty space

    Dark Zupra

    It's important to take advantage of all the space you've got when storing power tools, so consider adding small bins to unused storage space to store drill bits, screws and other power tools to your power tool storage system.

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    Use Foam

    power tool storage ideas foam

    Shadow Foam

    For an extra-custom look, use high-quality foam with cutouts for each tool. This option offers plenty of protection for your tools, preventing any bumps or falls, and it gives your workspace a high-end look.