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    PPG Color of the Year: Paradise Found

    PPG 2016 Color of the Year | Paradise Found

    PPG Paint has named Paradise Found as their 2016 Color of the Year. The choice of this traditional green was inspired by consumers search for stability and comfort in a changing world. Paradise Found is reminiscent of the military and natural environments and reflects society’s interest in personal strength, safety and security. 

    From Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG Architectural Coatings U.S. and Canada: “An edgy-yet-comforting green like Paradise Found hints at nature while still touching on neutrality. The 2016 Color of the Year provides the sense of strength, energy and comforting familiarity that consumers need to feel confident embracing newness and change. The color is also inspired by the runway, where we have seen a lot of urban military styles.”

    PPG Color of the Year: Paradise Found PPG113-5

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    PPG Paradise Found in the Kitchen

    PPG 2016 Color of the Year | Paradise Found

    Paradise Found is a formidable color with a natural aloe beauty. The natural vibe of this 2016 Color of the Year makes it a perfect choice for a kitchen filled with natural stone and wood. White trim and cabinets give a crisp look to this muted green paint color. Paradise Found is rich enough to flow into an adjacent dining or living room, to make an open space feel more connected. Carry your accent colors into connecting rooms to tie everything together. 

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    Paradise Found: Inspired by Nature

    PPG 2016 Color of the Year | Paradise Found

    The allure of a comforting muted green like Paradise Found is not limited to the inside of your home. Paradise Found can blend easily into a natural setting, and bring life to dark wood siding and trim as accents. 

    Red brick patio and exterior walls highlight the beauty of Paradise Found, outdoors. Add exterior accents in off-white or greige, for a natural exterior color palette. Finish your exterior palette with a vibrant front door color like butter yellow or rust, for a designer look.

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    How to Accent PPG Paradise Found

    PPG 2016 Color of the Year | Paradise Found

    Deep wood furniture and accessories are a wonderful match for Paradise Found, PPG's 2016 Color of the Year. A dark wood chandelier in a weighty style like Craftsman or Mission, stands up to the seriousness of this green paint color. 

    If you prefer a metal finish for your lighting, look for oil-rubbed bronze or copper. Any rich finish will do, but you'll want to select lighting that hase presence and weight when decorating a room with deep color.

    Lamps Plus: Mission Wood 5-Light Chandelier

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    What Colors Go With PPG Paradise Found?

    PPG 2016 Color of the Year | Paradise Found

    PPG suggest light and natural neutrals to pair with Paradise Found. The muted quality of this sensible green color means that you'll want to pair it with the simplest of warm neutrals. Gray or cool neutrals will only look muddied in a palette with Paradise Green. 

    For dark accents, consider rich brown, charcoal, or black. You'll want to keep your accent colors considerably lighter or darker than Paradise Found, because it's a strong shade that can stand on it's own. Here are neutral colors PPG suggests as companions to their Color of the Year. Note that each of these companion colors are pale and warm neutrals -- this is what you'll want to look for when creating a color palette:

    Delicate White PPG1001

    Horseradish PPG1086-1

    Alpaca Wood PPG 14-19

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    Odyssey: The 2016 PPG Voice of Color Palette

    PPG Odyssey | 2016 Colors of the Year

    PPG also announced Odyssey, their 2016 PPG Voice of Color Palette. The 2016 palette includes PPG Paradise Found, Glidden's Cappuccino White, and Olympic Paints Blue Cloud.

    Cappuccino White was named as Glidden's 2016 Color of the Year.  This is a creamy soft white that offers a quiet respite from the pressures of today's world.

    Olympic Paints named Blue Cloud its  2016 Color of the Year. This is a loud and exciting blue color that speaks to the adventurous soul in us all.​