PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light Review

A versatile, dual-headed grow light for your plants

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PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR Plant Led Grow Light

PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light

 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

What We Like
  • Dual heads can be used together or separately

  • Four lights per head

  • Adjustable light levels

  • Timer with 3-, 6-, and 12-hour settings

What We Don't Like
  • Minimal directions

  • Lights’ necks are too short

The PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light packs a powerful punch for indoor plants. With an automatic timer, light control, and dual heads, it’s hard to beat this grow light’s versatility and portability.


PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR Plant Led Grow Light

PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light

 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

We purchased the PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light so our expert reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

It can be tricky to keep your houseplants happy. Thankfully, grow lights can help: Different types of lights serve different purposes, with some designed for multiple plants while others are best for seedlings or seed trays. We tested the PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light to see if it had all the features necessary to keep our plants flourishing. Read on for our insights.  

Setup Process: Easy as Pie

The PPUNSON setup process is self-explanatory. The clamp has a long head, which offers adequate stability no matter the surface you attach it to. The light also has a 57-inch power cord that can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. 

PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light
 Stacey L. Nash

The hardest part of the setup process had less to do with the light itself and more to do with figuring out the correct distance between the lamp and the plants. This distance will differ depending on the kind of plants you’re growing, so it's important to do some research before setting the light up. 

Design: Intuitive With Lots of Features

We’re going to geek out a little bit about the design of this grow light. PPUNSON has managed to blend some complex features into a simple, intuitive design. 

Let’s start with the dual lights. The two lights emit ultraviolet (UV) blue spectrum light and infrared (IR) spectrum light—a beautiful thing because plants need both. Blue spectrum light stimulates the growth of stalks and leaves as plants mature, while red spectrum light aids the growth of flowers and fruits. By using both types of light, the PPUNSON can help plants to and through maturity.

PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light
 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

The two-light design is especially versatile because you can use the lights together or independently—a helpful feature, especially in a home with a wide variety of plants. Each light also has four adjustable levels. While to the naked eye there’s no noticeable difference between the four, the lower levels may help keep particularly delicate plants alive. 

The PPUNSON also has a built-in timer. With the click of a button, you can set it to shut off after three, six, or 12 hours—allowing you to truly set it and forget it. We also love the light’s strong clamp, which attaches easily to a table, chair, or shelf. It’s wide enough to support both lights, and its rubber feet prevent any damage to the surface. The lights themselves have a flexible neck that can be turned in any direction. All of these features—the timer, light levels, and lights—are controlled from a single, easy-to-use switch.

The PPUNSON does have one unusual feature: a USB power cord with an adapter. While most users will likely plug it into a standard electrical outlet, this design gives you the option to use various shapes of charging bases when space is tight (or plug it directly into built-in USB ports on some upgraded outlets).

Overall, we love the design of the PPUNSON, but we do find it lacking in one place: The necks of the lights aren’t long enough. Grow lights of this power (20 watts) generally need to be 12 to 18 inches above a plant, and since the necks are so short, we had to install the light above the plants with a combination of shelves, chairs, and a towel rod. 

Performance: Effective and Convenient

We tested this grow light in two different environments: our house and our greenhouse. We’re happy to report that it worked well in both places.

Overall, we love the design of the PPUNSON, but we do find it lacking in one place: the necks of the lights aren’t long enough.

The PPUNSON spent most of its time with our lemon cucumbers in a particularly shady corner of our greenhouse. We attached the clamp to a shelf and let the lights shine. Our lemon cucumbers, which normally would have stunted, grew just as well in this corner as our plants growing in normal lighting conditions. 

We also rotated other plants through this shady corner. In these cases, we especially liked that we could turn one light off because sometimes we didn’t need both. It was also convenient to be able to adjust the light’s brightness based on the size and type of plant.  

PPUNSON Dual Head UV & IR LED Grow Light
 The Spruce / Stacey L. Nash

The grow light performed just as well in the house, where we used it on succulents and African violets. For the succulents, we liked that we could put the lights in two different directions based on the needs of the plants. One was taller with a flower while the other was short, so we were able to adjust the lights to their height. 

The African violets, our other indoor test plants, have very specific lighting needs, and we’ve had problems getting them to bloom in the past. We only used this light for a few days and the violets looked strong and healthy. If you have a variety of indoor plants, we have no doubt the PPUNSON would work well for you.

Price: Worth Every Penny

The PPUNSON retails for roughly $26. We believe this is an excellent value for a dual-head grow light with useful features like a timer and light level controls. 

Competition: Not Bad, but the PPUNSON Comes Out on Top

Roleadro LED Grow Light: This $30 panel grow light works well for seed trays with its even spread of light, but it does have a few downsides. The Roleandro LED Grow Light light is lacking a timer, so you have to turn it on and off manually. It’s also a semi-permanent fixture, so you’ll have to find a place to hang it. If you’re just looking to light a single mature plant, you’re better off with the PPUNSON as you can clip it, set the timer, and forget about it. 

Aceple LED Grow Light: The Aceple LED Grow Light is a suitable option for those with basic needs. It doesn’t have as many features as the PPUNSON—there’s no timer, light level control, or dual heads—but you can also usually find this grow light for less than $15. 

Final Verdict

Buy it, without a doubt.

If you’re looking to give your houseplants a boost, you really can’t beat the PPUNSON. It has so many helpful features, is easy to use, and most importantly—it’s effective. The only time we’d suggest looking elsewhere is if you’re germinating seedlings. In that case, you’d be better served by a panel grow light.


  • Product Name Dual Head UV & IR Plant Led Grow Light
  • Product Brand PPUNSON
  • Price $25.99
  • Weight 4.8 oz.
  • Product Dimensions 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.6 in.
  • Power 20W
  • Warranty 90-day refund or replacement with no questions asked
  • What's Included Two grow lights attached to a single clamp, USB adapter
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