How to Prepare for a Last Minute Showing

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    Keep Your Home Show-Ready

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    Home staging tips are easier when you have time to plan. When you have time to declutter, get organized, clean and decorate for potential buyers to come to view your home for sale. Although if a Realtor calls you at the last minute, or a short notice call comes in from a potential buyer, you want your home to be in tip-top condition. Apart from preparing your house for the open houses and showings by de-cluttering, cleaning, and ​home staging, there are various last-minute things you can do to make your property stand out from the rest. As your next showing could be the offer you have been waiting for, make sure to do your best to appeal to buyers. Here is some home staging advice that will help you prepare your home for last-minute showings.

    Prepare Your Home for Last-Minute Potential Buyers

    The most important tip here is that your house should always be available for showings. While open houses are great for weekends as within a two or three hour period, a lot of buyers can get in to see your property, consider lockbox showings to make it convenient for everyone. Have your listing agent to place a digital lockbox on the front door for other agents to access with their buyer clients.

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    Check Around Your Home and Tidy up Quickly

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    When potential buyers are on their way, don’t enter into a panic mode. Instead, quickly double-check all the appliances, and make sure all items are cleaned and put away. Put some fresh flowers in the vases or make sure the current ones are not drooping. Open all the shades especially if the showing is during the day and turn on all the lights. Lastly, go through all the rooms and ensure that everything is in order. Eliminate clutter if any.

    Ensure Your Pet's Areas Are Clean

    You have already made sure your house is warm and inviting and you have done everything to carefully stage it. But while you may be ready for your open house, your furry friend might have other ideas. Do a last-minute inspection of all areas to make sure they haven’t left any unpleasant surprises. Also, sweep floors with a rubber broom and vacuum carpets to clean up pet hair that may have gathered since your last cleaning.  

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    Decluttering Tricks

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    Just with a little bit of planning, you can quickly clear the way and dazzle the last-minute home shoppers. Begin by creating a master list of usual clutter spots such as the kitchen table, the family room, playroom, bathroom countertops, along with the remedies so that you can immediately get into action when the call comes in. Also, take advantage of unexpected hiding places. When you are in a hurry, any concealed corner that is not easily viewable can become a hideout for clutter. For instance, that little space under the couch can become an instant cover for laptops and cords. Learn more decluttering tips to help throughout the season.

    Wake up With a Showing in Mind

    The best approach to a last-minute showing is to stay prepared for it before you get the call. The moment you get up for the day, make all the beds and open all the blinds and curtains. This will save at least a few minutes of your cleaning time when the call comes in. 

    If you really want to sell your home fast, you should be ready for anything. There will be times when showings will happen at a moment’s notice. So, make sure to use the above advice and maintain your home in its staged appearance at all times. Don’t leave the breakfast dishes in the sink when you head out for work or leave the beds unmade. All it requires is some careful planning and organization system.