25 Preppy Room Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

blue and pink preppy room

Carmel Brantley for Jennifer Hunter Design

If you love preppy clothing, you may wish to extend the style into your home...but if you're not sure where to begin when it comes to decorating, we're here to provide you with some go-to tips. The following 25 rooms all embody preppy style to a T and serve as an excellent starting point as you begin your design journey. Bring on the pink and green, stripes, patterns, and so much more!

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    Say Yes to Pink

    pink preppy bedroom

    Design by Caitlin Kah / Photo by Carmel Brantley

    In preppy homes, pink isn't just for children's rooms! Utilize this happy hue around the house as you wish. Here, it shines in a guest bedroom, where even the smallest details (such as charming tassels adhered to nightstand drawer pulls) make an impression.

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    Decorate With Cane

    cane console

    Design by Jennifer Hunter / Photo by Carmel Brantley

    Love cane furniture? You're in luck, as it's certainly a staple in preppy homes. Pair cane pierces with some bright colors to keep your space looking contemporary and full of pep. Another preppy fave? Burlwood, which makes an appearance via the mirror hanging above this chic console.

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    Pair Pink and Blue Together

    pink and blue living room

    Design by Jennifer Hunter / Photo by Carmel Brantley

    We often associate preppy style with an abundance of pink and green, but keep in mind that pink and blue can play just as nicely together. Preppy style is all about the use of sweet shapes and patterns, too. Bring on the scalloped edges (like we see on this sofa and coffee table), and of course, don't forget those stripes!

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    Incorporate Coastal Accents

    coastal preppy bedroom

    Carmel Brantley for Caitlin Kah

    Preppy spaces oftentimes lean coastal, so don't be afraid to draw seaside elements into your room: think wicker, soft white fabrics and furnishings, and of course, lots of blue tones.

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    Say Hello to Navy

    navy scalloped bathroom mirror

    JK Interior Living

    Navy is another favorite preppy hue and complements a number of other tones. This layered, scalloped mirror adds so much elegance to the bathroom.

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    Be Sophisticated

    blue and white bedroom

    Design by Caitlin Kah / Photo by Christina Cernik

    Preppy spaces are known for being orderly and sophisticated. Touches like a stylish table lamp, some framed photos, and a vase filled with fresh flowers will go a long way.

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    Include Animal Motifs

    living room with elephant stool

    Christina Cernik for Caitlin Kah

    Preppy rooms are often quite playful—take a cue from Lilly Pulitzer's signature patterns and bring some animal motifs into the mix. We love this charming wicker elephant stool that will bring a smile to kids' and adults' faces alike.

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    Go Gingham

    gingham wallpaper

    Sarah Lederman Interiors

    Say yes to gingham! It's not just a pattern for clothing; it looks equally lovely on your walls as well. Blue and white gingham wallpaper is excellent for a child's room and can be mixed with a variety of other prints.

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    Grab a Jute Rug

    jute rig and blue and white furnishings

    Sarah Lederman Interiors

    Jute rugs are known for being durable and classic and are often spotted in preppy spaces. Preps like to invest in well-made pieces that will stand the test of time, and a jute rug is a perfect example of such a piece. Again, we see some coastal touches at play in this space.

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    Weave in Some Wicker

    wicker bookcase

    Design by Lilse McKenna / Photo by Read McKendree

    Wicker is another must-have material in preppy homes. Why settle for a plain wooden bookcase when you can pick up a piece with a bit of whimsy?

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    Pick Famous Patterns

    scalamandre zebras

    Mary Patton Design

    Some patterns are immediately associated with preppy style—one, in particular, being Scalamandre's zebra print, which is shown here. Used in blue and white, it's perfect for a child's room.

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    Bring on the Bistro Chairs

    dining room with bistro chairs

    Design by Jennifer Hunter / Photo by Rachel Kuzma

    French bistro chairs are quite common in preppy dining spaces and come in an assortment of festive colors. Preps love to host and gather with friends, so designing a dining room that can accommodate the entire crew is a must.

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    Display Equestrian Themed Decor

    preppy seating area

    Read McKendree for Lilse McKenna

    Many preppy rooms feature some sort of equestrian-themed design, often in the form of wall art. Here, a picture depicting a horse race pops against white and beige wallcoverings.

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    Show off That Paisley

    green paisley daybed

    Read McKendree for Lilse McKenna

    Paisley is a preppy print that's been around for quite some time and doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Preps are all about embracing tried and true decorating styles rather than experimenting with trends.

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    Go Wild for Ikat

    ikat dining bench and jute rug

    Read McKendree for Lilse McKenna

    Ikat is a beautiful print that is having a comeback. This dining nook functions as the perfect spot for sipping coffee and cranking out some work. Also, when decorating a preppy space, don't forget pleated lampshades galore—pick a few favorite patterns to showcase.

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    Swoon Over Stripes

    coastal living room

    Chauncey Boothby Interiors

    Preps will always have a soft spot for stripes. Striped sofas, pillows, rugs, wallcoverings...all of the above are more than suitable in a preppy room.

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    Look to the Outdoors

    green and white dining nook

    Read McKendree for Lilse McKenna

    This green and white wallpaper adds plenty of spirit to this breakfast room. Preps love gardening and spending time outdoors, so why not pay homage to that with a cheerful leaf print?

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    Transform a Basic Bathroom

    sconces and tassels in bathroom

    Chauncey Boothby Interiors

    Even your powder room can get a preppy upgrade! Swap out builder-grade sconces for some scalloped alternatives, jazz up your drawer pulls with tassels, and place toothbrushes in a metal julep cup to elevate your countertop.

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    Add Wonder to a Child's Space

    striped bed in kids room

    Chauncey Boothby Interiors

    Kids' rooms are excellent places to go bold with stripes and loud patterns. Here, a green and pink canopy turns a standard daybed into a dreamy spot in which to unwind from the day.

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    Style a Trunk

    blue and pink girls' room

    Patrick Cline for Jennifer Hunter Design

    Preps love their trunks! Trunks are fabulous storage solutions in all types of spaces; in kids' rooms, they can neatly house toys, school books, or off-season clothing. A trunk can even double as a nightstand if you're short on space.

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    Add Pink to the Shower

    pink and white shower

    Chauncey Boothby Interiors

    Make the every day a little more fun by installing pink and white striped tiles in your shower. Who says the bathroom has to be bland?

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    Get Tropical

    pink and green seating area

    Carmel Brantley for Jennifer Hunter Design

    Get tropical with a pink and green combo like this one that's perfect for a beachside property. Preps are all about celebrating and having fun; there's no need to keep things subtle!

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    Choose Pieces Thoughtfully

    wicker lamps and scalloped mirror

    Carmel Brantley for Jennifer Hunter Design

    Wicker parasol lamps pop up in many preppy spaces and truly serve as works of art. Note that preppy homes are full of personality without being cluttered, so each furniture item and accent piece should truly serve a purpose.

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    Keep it Classic

    blue, gray, and white sitting room

    LeeAnn Baker Interiors

    This preppy living room is a bit more subdued in nature than some of the other spaces that we've seen, but it still contains classic blues, whites, and grays. A design like this one is bound to stand the test of time.

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    Be Flowery

    striped seating area

    LeeAnn Baker Interiors

    Pair stripes and florals together in a lounge space, dressing room, or home office. Hydrangeas are a preppy flower fave if you're looking to honor one type of bloom in particular.