Preschool Graduation Gifts for Boys and Girls

Your preschooler is graduating! Give a gift that commemorates that first graduation day with these preschool graduation gifts for boys and girls.

From preschoolers to college grads, get graduation gift ideas for each stage of your graduate's life.

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    A picture of a kindergarten workbook
    Photo © MissMessie / Flickr

    The joy of learning something new is just beginning for your child. Start working with him on all of the exciting things he'll learn when school starts in the fall. Kindergarten workbooks give a glimpse of what to expect while getting him ready for another fun school year.

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    Personalized Elmo Preschool Graduate T-Shirt

    A picture of a personalized Elmo Preschool Graduate T-Shirt
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    Let Elmo congratulate your preschool graduate. This personalized preschool grad T-shirt features your child's name, graduation year and Elmo in his cap and gown.
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    Pencil-Shaped Graduation Album

    A picture of a pencil-shaped graduation album
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    Give your graduating preschooler a gift that will collect all of his school memories. This pencil-shaped graduation album starts with pages for preschool pictures and memories and ends when your child graduates high school. Pockets also hold report cards and other keepsakes. You can even have the album personalized with your child's name.
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    Easel, Chalkboard and Art Set

    A picture of an easel and art set
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    Your child may have always loved doodling and painting. But preschool probably brought out his creativity in ways you never imagined. Tap into that creativity every day with an easel, chalkboard and art set. Kids can color, paint or practice writing their ABCs.

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    Curious You

    A picture of Curious George
    Photo © brianandjaclyn / Flickr

    Curious George has a lot to say about life. To a graduating preschooler, he sends them off to a world of new adventures in Curious You. The book encourages children to celebrate their accomplishments and embrace the unknown. It's the perfect book to applaud your preschooler and prepare him for entering kindergarten.

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    Graduate Candy Bar

    A picture of a graduation candy bar wrapper
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    Your preschooler's graduation day just got a little sweeter. Graduate candy bar wrappers are customized with your child's name and graduation year. You can wrap it around any standard-sized candy bar. They're perfect as favors for your guests if you're planning on throwing a party for your graduate.

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    A picture of a Peanuts lunchbox
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    Your preschooler is about to hit the big time: lunch in the school cafeteria. Get him ready for kindergarten with a new lunchbox. There are so many to choose from to suit his personal tastes, from his favorite character to a simple lunchbox with his name embroidered on the side.

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    A picture of the Pop the Pig game
    Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
    Life is just fun and games for your preschooler. But many games make great gifts for your graduate because they can be used to enhance everything he's learned over the past year. Simple counting games like Pop the Pig (compare prices), Chutes and Ladders (compare prices) and Hi Ho Cherry-O (compare prices) work on number skills. Perfection (compare prices) times kids to put as many shapes in their place as possible. Memory (compare prices) puts those thinking caps to the test as children try...MORE to recall the images they've seen.
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    A picture of a graduation teddy bear
    Image Courtesy PriceGrabber

    Cute and cuddly. Those aren't just words to describe your graduate. Teddy bears in caps and gowns come in many sizes and colors. Some can even be personalized with your preschooler's name and graduation year.

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    My 1st Graduation Picture Frame

    A picture of My 1st Graduation photo frame
    Image Courtesy PriceGrabber

    Capture that toothy grin in cap and gown and put the photo in a "My 1st Graduation" picture frame. The frame can also be customized with your child's name and graduation date. Choose from an elephant, teddy bear or animal friends design.