Preschool Graduation Party Idea: ABC Theme

A reflection of what your child learned in preschool, the alphabet theme is a fun graduation party theme for preschoolers. Here are some ideas for putting it all together. 

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    Letter Blocks for Kids
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    Invite guests with graduation party invitations that feature the ABC’s. You can create your own invites by drawing block letters yourself or use a block letter font to print them onto the front of a card or flyer. The cover or heading could even read something like:

    A party to celebrate Ivy’s preschool graduation!
    Be there to share the fun!
    C you on the 25th of June!

    Other suggestions for preschool graduation invitations:

    • A postcard photo of your child in a graduation cap.
    • Your child’s handprints and...MORE the class graduation year, printed along with the party details on a sheet of paper, then rolled into a scroll and tied like a diploma.
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    The party store is a good place to find standard graduation themed decorations that can be used for all ages. Combine these with some homemade decorating ideas that fit your alphabet and shapes theme. Ideas include:

    • Mini graduation caps.
    • Cardstock cutouts of letters and shapes hung with ribbon from the ceiling.
    • Draw a hopscotch style board on the walkway to your front door. Instead of all square boxes, draw a combination of squares, circles, and triangles (shapes they learned about in preschool) to...MORE create the board. Fill the shapes in with letters instead of numbers.
    • Build a table centerpiece out of alphabet blocks. Stack and arrange them to spell out a graduation message, such as "Congratulations!" or "Moving Up!"
    • Use alphabet blocks as place markers by placing ones with guests’ initials on their plates or spelling out their names at their place settings.
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    Since they are still young children, chances are their taste buds haven’t graduated beyond the typical kid fare of pizza and pasta. The good news is that pizza is triangle shaped, and pasta comes in the form of alphabet letters, which can be used to make your child’s favorite macaroni dish. Combine these party foods with additional menu items, such as:

    • Sandwiches, brownies, or cereal treats, cut into shapes of triangles, rectangles, circles and squares, or carved into the shapes ABC letters. 
    • Fruit...MORE and cheese kebabs, cut into various shapes.
    • Graduation cap cupcakes.
    • Preschool graduation cake.
    • Alphabet crackers.
    • Diploma shaped food, such as taquitos or string cheese, tied with spaghetti strands.
    • Diploma wrap sandwiches.
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    A group of preschool graduates will likely be bursting with excitement. Plan some games and activities to help keep them entertained and burn off some of that energy. Ideas include:

    • Musical letters: Played like musical chairs, but kids sit on large, cardboard cutouts of letters that have been taped to the floor. (Or use chairs, but tape the letters to the backs of them)
    • Musical graduation caps:  Have players circle a row of graduation caps as the music plays. When it stops, kids have to put on the...MORE caps. The player left without a cap is out of the game.
    • Alphabet charades: The first player acts out something that starts with the letter A, second player does letter B, and so on.
    • Letter and Shape Match: Draw letters and shapes onto sticky notes. Divide the notes among the players. Set a timer and instruct them to stick their papers to items around the house that match the shapes or start with the letters on their papers. The goal is to be out of sticky notes before time runs out.
    • Use wooden alphabet blocks as stamps for kids to create stamp art.
    • Hold your own mock graduation ceremony where kids are awarded homemade diplomas.
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    Ideas for party favors include items in the ABC and shapes theme, graduation-themed gifts, fun items for the summer vacation ahead, or things to take with them to Kindergarten:

    • Letter and number fridge magnets.
    • Wooden, letter and number blocks.
    • Letter-shaped stencils.
    • Shape and letter stickers.
    • Alphabet coloring or handwriting books.
    • Mini chalkboards and chalk.
    • Mini composition notebooks and pencils.
    • Pencil case with supplies for kindergarten.
    • Lunchbox.
    • Sidewalk chalk.
    • Bubbles.
    • Beach pail and shovel.