Radish Recipes

Great Ways to Pickle and Preserve Radishes

Crunchy, peppery radishes make fantastic pickles. You can ferment them into a fiery kimchi loaded with the benefits of probiotics or go for a gentler taste with an overnight refrigerator pickle recipe. Using colorful varieties of radishes such as watermelon or cherry belle radishes will make these recipes a treat for your eyes as well as your palate.

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    Fermented radish pickles are delicious and full of probiotic health benefits. This recipe is great made with other types of radish, too. But when you make them with watermelon radishes (a variety of radish with intensely pink flesh), the results are also colorful enough to kickstart party conversation...

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     Traditional kimchi includes a type of radish - usually daikon - among its ingredients. Here I've reversed the proportions of radish to cabbage to showcase the radish crunch and taste. Using red-skinned cherry radishes or French breakfast radishes gives this recipe its cheerful color. You could also use watermelon radishes for their bright pink interiors.

    No matter which vegetables kimchi is made with, it is loaded with naturally good-for-you probiotics. Delicious served alongside Korean or...MORE other Asian-style dishes, it is also good mixed into rice and other cooked grains...

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    These easy to make, tasty pickles are ready to eat within 24 hours. They have a mildly tangy flavor and terrific crunch...

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     These pickled carrots have all the crunch and heat of the fresh vegetable, plus some extra zing from the vinegar brine, herbs, and spices. Serve these on their own as an hors d'oeuvres, or add them to salads. They are terrific served alongside hummus or other mild dips and spreads...

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     Radishes are often fermented in kimchi as one of the vegetables that serve peripheral roles to the main ingredient, cabbage. But fermented radishes are tasty enough to deserve their own recipe. And Lacto-fermented foods, including these radish pickles, are rich in healthy probiotics...

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    This quick pickled radish recipe is ready in fifteen minutes, and the sweet and salty flavor makes it a perfect side dish. Almost more of a salad than a pickle, this recipe has just four ingredients and is good with Korean meals and sandwiches...

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    Connie Veneracion

    This is a simple-to-prepare Vietnamese pickle. The combination of white and orange colors from the two different root vegetables makes it visually attractive. It goes well with Vietnamese Spring Rolls ​and is also a great appetizer.