Pressurized Garden Sprayer With Optional Battery Power

Review of Green Gorilla Sprayers

Photo: Green Gorilla pressurized sprayer. The unit has optional battery powered.
Picture of the Green Gorilla pressurized garden sprayer. David Beaulieu

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Pressurized garden sprayers typically require that you hand-pump them. This costs you, the user, extra time and effort. Hand-pumping is especially difficult for anyone who has suffered a hand injury, has arthritis, or is in some other way physically limited due to health problems.

Enter the garden sprayer that I review here. It's called the "Green Gorilla" and it eliminates manual pumping for those who would like to avoid it either to save time or to save stress on their bodies.

Green Gorilla Pressurized Garden Sprayer: an Overview

For those of you not familiar with garden sprayers, let me begin with an overview of what the Green Gorilla product consists of, so that you'll know what to expect when you open the box.

When you unpack this product, here's what you'll essentially find in the box:

  • Tank
  • Manual pump assembly and handle
  • Spray hose and nozzle(s)
  • Power Pack (the battery)
  • Battery charger

This isn't the first "power garden sprayer" that I've reviewed, by the way, in case you wish to conduct a product comparison. I've also written a review for a pump-free garden sprayer put out by Black & Decker. But the latter was guilty of leaking, so, for me, the Green Gorilla garden sprayer wins hands-down.

So What's This "Power Pack" All About?

The Power Pack houses the battery. Again, a selling point of the Green Gorilla garden sprayer is that the pressurizing within the tank needed to operate the product can be automated.

This automation is achieved via battery power.

Oh, you can still pump by hand if you choose to. But if you wish to avoid pumping, you can simply attach the power pack and let the battery do the pressurizing work for you. You still have to squeeze the trigger on the spray hose to do the spraying, but this puts hardly any strain on your hand.

How is the battery inserted into the garden sprayer? The task is made easy by a feature that the Green Gorilla people call the "Easy-Twist Quick-Connect" (which also serves as a pressure relief valve). Insertion is intuitive, so it goes quickly. Once the Power Pack is connected to the garden sprayer, you simply set the former's On/Off switch to the On position.

At that point you'll start hearing a humming sound. Don't be alarmed: that means the battery power is doing its job, pressurizing the tank. When it stops humming, you know the tank is fully pressurized (although I was able to continue spraying just fine while the humming was still going on). When pressure gets low again, the battery power automatically kicks in and pumps more pressure into the tank (there's nothing for you to monitor here).

How Easy Is This Pressurized Garden Sprayer to Use?

In case you're new to landscaping and you've never had occasion to use a pressurized garden sprayer, let me note that such products are commonly used in the battle against weeds, as a means of administering an herbicidal spray to the unwanted plants. If you practice organic weed control, you will, of course, want to select a natural herbicide with which to spray, vinegar being one example.

Not only unwanted flora (weeds), but also unwanted fauna invades our landscapes. Thus pressurized garden sprayers lend a hand in garden pest control, too. Again, organic options exist, such as neem oil, which I frequently use to kill aphids.

So does the Green Gorilla live up to all the hype, with its fancy Power Pack?

While I sometimes go out of my way to argue that gadgets have their limitations (as in my article on how to use leaf blowers), in this case I have to tip my cap to modern technology. Not having to pump a pressurized garden sprayer manually definitely saves time, and that savings is achieved here through a mechanism that is easy to understand and easy to use. Furthermore, I value the fact that I have the option of handling the pumping manually should I want to, for whatever reason (for example, if the battery should malfunction, I could switch to manual, meaning the product would still be usable).

What About Charging the Battery?

A plus is that the battery charger is smaller than the type typically used to charge power equipment such as hedgers and string trimmers. Its compact size means that it won't take up a lot of room in that nook inside you're home where (if you're like me) you recharge all your power equipment.

While the battery held its charge plenty long for me to do routine spraying in my yard across a number of sessions, it did seem that the actual process of charging the battery took quite a while. But that's a reasonable trade-off.

Among the optional accessories that you can order separately when buying a Green Gorilla garden sprayer, the most intriguing of these, perhaps, is a battery charger designed so that you can plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car, rather than an electrical outlet.

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