10 of the Prettiest Shower Curtains

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    Purple Ombre Ruffled Shower Curtain

    Purple Ombre Ruffled Shower Curtain. Touch of Class

    Browse any department style aisle for shower curtains and it may seem like they come in two styles: boring and more boring.  Even though it has become easier to find bathroom accessories in more contemporary, geometric patterns, it may be time to turn to online sources if you still find yourself searching for a more unique option for your bathroom.  Small bathrooms, in particular, do not afford a lot of opportunities to earn style points, which is why it's wise not to squander the chance to...MORE make an impact by going with something run-of-the-mill.  Choosing one of these beautiful shower curtains, on the other hand, will instantly make a statement in even the smallest, most neutral bathrooms.

    For starters, it can be particularly challenging to find a purple shower curtain that isn't too sweet, or too traditional. This ruffled number from Touch of Class strikes just the right balance and its ombre color scheme is definitely on-trend.

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    Octopus Shower Curtain

    Octopus Shower Curtain. Anthropologie

    Anthropologie is know for its elegant, unique home furnishings, and this gorgeous octopus shower curtain is an excellent example.  This curtain would make a statement in any bathroom, but would certainly bring personality and pattern to an all black and white bath.

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    Fish Shower Curtain

    Fish Shower Curtain. DENY Designs for Target

    DENY Designs for Target has created a boho-chic take on the ubiquitous fish shower curtain that is playful enough for a kids' bathroom, but sophisticated enough for guests, too.  

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    Floral and Chevron Shower Curtain

    Floral Shower Curtain. World Market

    These aren't your grandma's florals.  The riot of colorful blooms on this World Market shower curtain is staged against a subtle gray and white chevron background, making it romantic and feminine, as well as fresh and modern.  

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    Yellow Chevron Shower Curtain

    Yellow Chevron Shower Curtain. Urban Outfitters

    This trendy chevron shower curtain from Urban Outfitters also comes in turquoise, black, and gray; however, the bright and cheerful yellow is sure to brighten an all-white bathroom or bring a little sunshine to a bathroom lacking natural light.

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    Preppy Stripes with Neutral Florals

    Striped Shower Curtain with Neutral Florals. Urban Outfitters

    The neutral colors found in the florals on this shower curtain by Urban Outfitters don't scream "girly-girl," and likewise, the black and white horizontal stripes bring the femininity down another notch, making it a nice compromise in bathrooms shared by men and women.

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    Arrow Medallion Shower Curtain

    Arrow Shower Curtain. CB2

    This modern offering by CB2 capitalizes on the arrow trend by arranging the popular motif in coral-colored medallions.  Eye-catching in its simplicity, this shower curtain is understated, on-trend, and very pretty.

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    Linen Ruffled Shower Curtain

    Linen Ruffled Shower Curtain. Pottery Barn
    Pottery Barn offers a 100% linen shower curtain with a feminine ruffle, which can also be monogrammed. This look perfectly complements shabby-chic, vintage, or farmhouse decor, and adds much-needed texture to bathrooms which are typically dominated by hard surfaces and fixtures.
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    Modern Polka-Dot Shower Curtain

    Navy Modern Polka Dot Shower Curtain. All Modern

    Polka dots aren't exactly new; however, this modern take on a traditional pattern adds fun while maintaining sophistication.  All Modern's navy and white number is crisp, yet playful, perfect for bathrooms shared by kids and adults.

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    Exotic Floral Shower Curtain

    Black Floral Shower Curtain. Anthropologie

    Last but not least, this gorgeous floral shower curtain from Anthropologie features exotic blooms on a black background, which would certainly add color, as well as a touch of drama to a bathroom.