Check Out These Pretty and Practical Outdoor Tablecloths

Picks for All Sizes and Shapes of Tables

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If your patio table is not looking its best—maybe it needs to be refinished, repaired or replaced—you can always rely on an outdoor tablecloth to cover its flaws. A carefully chosen tablecloth can add color and vibrancy to an outdoor dining space, complementing nearby cushions and pillows, flowers, trees and shrubs in bloom or a pool or pond. Before you go shopping, measure the table and know its shape: round, oval, square or rectangular.

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    Tommy Bahama African Orchid

    Tommy Bahama African Orchid tablecloth. Tommy Bahama

    What: Rectangular tablecloth with tropical floral print.

    Brand: Tommy Bahama

    Details: Part of Tommy's African Orchid table linen collection, this linen tablecloth is easy to care for and can be used indoors or out--provided it is not left outside for any great length of time.

    • 60 x 102 inches oblong
    • Fabric is 68 percent polyester, 24 percent linen and 8 percent rayon.
    • Care: Machine washable. 
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    Emily Print Tablecloth

    emily yellow print tablecloth
    Emily by Mahogany yellow print tablecloth.

    What: Emily print tablecloth.

    Brand: Mahogany

    Details: Pretty tablecloths that come in two sizes: 70-inch round (for tables up to 60 inches in diameter, or a 60 x 90-inch rectangle.

    • Made of mercerized 100 percent Indian cotton with a smooth finish and rich color saturation.
    • Green and gold floral print on a yellow background, blue with yellow and green accents, or white with lavender, green and yellow accents. 
    • Care: Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on a low-heat setting.
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    Zipper Tablecloth for Umbrella Tables

    zipper outdoor tablecloth
    Zipper outdoor tablecloth for umbrella.

    What: A zippered tablecloth to use with outdoor tables that have holes for umbrellas.

    Brand: DII

    Details: Oblong or round tablecloth in green lattice print.

    • Spill-proof and easy to clean
    • 100 percent polyester
    • Sizes: 60 x 84 inches, 60 x 120 inches or 60-inch round 
    • Also available in summer stripe design
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    Spill-Proof Tablecloth

    lemon outdoor tablecloth
    Lemons indoor/outdoor tablecloth. Amazon

    What: Lemon Tree Indoor-Outdoor Spill-proof Tablecloth

    Brand: Creative Dining

    Details: A colorful tablecloth that works for indoors or outside and is resistant to accidental spills.

    • Mold resistant
    • Heavyweight fabric in a heat-transfer that is easy to care for and clean
    • Available in assorted sizes, including 52 x 70 inches, 60 x 84 inches, 60 x 104 inches and 60 x 120 inches
    • A blue, green and white zinnia print is available in the same spill-proof style and sizes.
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    Oilcloth Tablecloth

    oilcloth tablecloth
    Strong and waterproof oilcloth tablecloth. Amazon

    What: Oilcloth tablecloth in various prints

    Brand: Dandi

    Details: Oilcloth is usually heavier than most vinyl material and has a sheen that lends a certain quality to the retro prints. This particular style is a round tablecloth, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

    • Available in 6, 8, and 10-seater size
    • Machine washable
    • Available in Doilie Berry, Blue and Oatmeal
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    Red and White Checkered

    red and white checkered tablecloth
    Blue Hill red checkered tablecloth.

    What: Red-and-white checkered (gingham) flannel-back tablecloth

    Brand: Blue Hill,

    Details: When you see a red-and-white gingham tablecloth, does a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant or a classic picnic in the park come to mind? Perfect for summer, nautical or patriotic-themed parties, this tablecloth is cool in a simple, unpretentious way. Made of vinyl. Also comes in different colors, with white.

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    Clear Vinyl Tablecloth Protector

    clear tablecloth
    Clear vinyl tablecloth.

    What: Clear vinyl tablecloth in assorted sizes

    Brand: Benson Mills

    Details: You have a tablecloth you love and want to use outdoors. So go ahead and use it--just cover it with a clear vinyl tablecloth, like Grandma used to do with her velour sofa. It's an inexpensive investment and allows you to use something you already have. Available in 13 different sizes, meaning pretty much every table you own can be covered!