7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms

Pink Bedrooms


The old adage is true, or maybe this is a new one, but pink never goes out of style. The color has absolute staying power, coming back again and again in home decor in fresh new ways: the latest - powder pink bedrooms. On the walls, the shade is great at adding a little feminine whimsy to a space, and it becomes the perfect backdrop to warm metallics and high contrast pieces in black and white. Presented as a new neutral in the bedroom, here are our favorite ways to create a serene bedroom retreat with the color pink.

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    Pink and Copper

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms
    Poppy Talk

    In this pink and copper bedroom, the mix of pastel pink and copper is a winning combination. The copper features warm up the pale pink shade, and add a grown-up feel to this space.  

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    Pink and Red

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms

    Pink and red have to be one of our favorite color combinations of all time. Together the two hues look stunning. In this bedroom, small hints of red in the curtains around the canopy bed, side table, and rug, add some unexpected hits of bold color to this otherwise color-blocked space.  

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    Pink and Black

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms
    Inside Out

    It's great to think of new ways to use the color pink for a fresh approach. Covering three-quarters of the wall, this paint treatment in pale pink has such a modern feel to it. The shade is repeated in the bedding that's mixed with cool neutrals gray and black for a little contrast. 

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    Pink and Pink

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms
    Angie Hranowsky

    To create a serene bedroom design, look into layering shades of pink for a cohesive look. Here, the pink drapery is a perfect match to the color of the walls, creating an uninterrupted color story in this relaxing bedroom retreat.  

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    Pink and Fuchsia

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms
    Dalliance Design

    Baby pink is cute in the bedroom, but sometimes it needs a boost. The fuchsia rug in this space does just the trick. It elevates this room from girly to something a little bit more sensual with an unexpected introduction of a bright and bold shade.  

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    Pink and Chocolate Brown

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms

    Pink and brown is a color combo that will never go out of style. Both shades warm up when they're together, and add a sophisticated touch to any space. In this bedroom, the pink walls take the rustic edge off the wood-hewn bed.  

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    Pink and Marigold

    7 Pretty In Pink Bedrooms
    House Beautiful

    Bold shades of pink are great with an array of hues like orange, saffron, and the marigold shades in this bedding. Place pink next to other saturated hues for an absolutely colorful bedroom retreat.