Pretty Pretty Princess Board Game

Everyone can enjoy this classic game

pretty pretty princess board game for grandchildren
Photo © Hasbro

This game has been discontinued by Hasbro but may still be available from some online retailers or on resale sites.

Pretty Pretty Princess may sound like a game that would appeal only to girls, but lots of boys enjoy it too. Kids seem to especially enjoy seeing their grandfathers wearing the baubles collected during the game. Well-designed and easy to play, Pretty Pretty Princess may not win any prizes for educational content, but it is a fun kids' board game.

How to Play

This game consists of a round plastic box which holds plastic jewelry in four colors. The lid of the box has a mirror on one side and a spinner on the other. There are four gameboard pieces which fit around the jewelry box, and plastic playing pieces.

Players accumulate items of jewelry as they move around the board by taking turns with the spinner. The winner is the first player to accumulate a full set of jewelry--necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet, plus the much-coveted crown. No one can win, however, if he or she is wearing the black ring.

The game is suggested for ages five and up. The game board has some words, such as "Give one back," but non-readers will easily learn to recognize the pictures. 

Gender Issues

If you're concerned about how toy companies market to girls, you may not approve of the Pretty Pretty Princess board game. Some grandparents feel that marketers overdo the princess theme.

On the other hand, many boys happily play the game, so clearly its appeal is not solely based on the princess theme. Its attraction goes beyond the girly package.

Play Value for Grandchildren

Because this game doesn't require much skill, it is good for grandchildren of mixed ages. Grown-ups can play, too, or can be facilitators.

The game provides good practice for kids in taking turns, as well as in handling emotions when someone takes their crown away! The plastic jewelry seems sturdy, and the earrings fasten with non-painful plastic clips. The Pretty Pretty Princess board game should keep its place in a grandparent's toy closet for quite a while. Hasbro keeps game instructions online long after the games have been discontinued, so you don't have to worry about losing the paper copy. 

Other Options

If you can't get your hands on Pretty Pretty Princess, try one of the Hasbro Junior Games that are also designed for ages 5 and up. You can also skip the board altogether and teach the grands one of these card games. The first couple is good for younger grandchildren. Gamewright also makes some fun card games for younger kids. Slamwich and the Uglydoll game are two favorites.

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