What You Get for the Price: Medicine Cabinets

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    Choose Your Price: Budget, Moderate or Luxury

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    It's an odd paradox: our bathrooms are filled with multiple bottles, jars and tubes we can't live without. But often, the existing storage space isn't ample enough to tuck these items out of sight. That's when a well-designed medicine cabinet comes to the rescue. In addition to holding your aspirin and toothpaste, a mirrored door is essential for daily grooming. To top it all off, a stylish medicine cabinet can be an eye-catching focal point of your bathroom décor.

    As I did with wall-mounted vanities, I've put together a roundup of great-looking medicine cabinets in a range of price points. They're organized according to the three most popular styles: surface-mounted, recessed and tri-view. I'm betting there's something here that catches your eye and fits both your bathroom and your budget.

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    Surface-Mounted/Budget: American Classics, $32.97

    American Classics oak frame cabinet available at Home Depot. Photo © Home Depot

    Surface-mounted medicine cabinets can be an ideal choice if you're a renter, a new DIY-er (or both). They are hung on a wall like a framed picture and are easy to install and remove. Although they are available in different depths, many surface-mounted styles are about 4 inches deep, fine for storing most toiletries.  

    Home Depot's American Classics cabinet is an attractive and affordable option for a budget re-do. Constructed of wood with a warm oak finish, it can either be surface-mounted or recessed and comes with a reversible door and one adjustable glass shelf.

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    Surface-Mounted/Moderate: Mendenhall cabinet, $575

    Rejuvenation's Mendenhall solid wood cabinet. Photo © Rejuvenation

    This medicine cabinet features a whole lot of quality for a relatively modest price. The Mendenhall is crafted of FSC-certified wood, meaning that it meets high standards for sustainable manufacturing. And thanks to the crown lintel trim that resembles early 20th-century doors and windows, this is a fine choice when you want to highlight the vintage elements of an older bathroom. The Mendenhall comes pre-primed for your choice of paint colors, and knobs and latches must be purchased separately.

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    Surface-Mounted/Luxury: Keuco Edition Palais, $2,617

    Edition Palais modern surface-mounted bath cabinet, available through Quality Bath. Photo © Quality Bath

    Striking modern design and top-notch craftsmanship combine in this surface-mounted beauty, part of the Edition Palais line of bath furniture and accessories by European manufacturer Keuco. All of the exterior surfaces of this 39" cabinet are mirrored and illuminated, so you're sure not to miss that smudge of lipstick on your cheek. A sliding door works well in a tight space, while six adjustable shelves provide plenty of storage. 

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    Recessed/Budget: Pegasus, $115

    Pegasus oval recessed medicine cabinet, available through Home Depot. Photo © Home Depot

    The clean, flush-mounted look of a medicine cabinet that's recessed into the wall requires a bit more expertise to install. For one thing, you'll need to find a spot that doesn't interfere with plumbing or electrical wiring before you cut a hole. If you're not confident around tools, it's probably a good idea to hire a contractor for this job. The results—a custom fit that uses minimum space—should be worth the extra cost. 

    The Pegasus' Deco-inspired oval shape and subtle frame detailing would work well in a traditional bath or powder room. Constructed of aluminum in an espresso finish, this budget option features two adjustable glass shelves and a mirrored interior.

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    Recessed/Moderate: 1900's Style, $359

    Vintage-style recessed cabinet from Pottery Barn. Photo © Pottery Barn

    Can you tell I have a thing for vintage? It's hard to resist the appeal of this medicine cabinet, which features the rounded frame and beveled glass common in hotel bathrooms of a century ago. Available in antique bronze and three other finishes, the "extra-large" model includes four tempered glass shelves.

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    Recessed/Luxury: Built-In LCD TV, $2,655.80

    Robern M Series cabinet with integrated LCD-TV available through Quality Bath. Photo © Quality Bath

    If you're a cable news junkie or need to know if public transit is running on schedule, the M Series with TVid may be an indulgence you can't live without. This high-tech cabinet boasts an 8" LCD TV integrated into the mirrored door. You can also plug your MP3 player into the headphone jack. Additional features include a swing-out magnifying mirror and an optional safety lockbox. 

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    Tri-View/Budget: Granville, $110

    Broan Granville tri-view wood frame medicine cabinet available through Lowes. Photo © Lowes

    A tri-view medicine cabinet offers maximum storage and mirrored surfaces. You'll find models with three cabinets that swing or slide open, as well as those with two cabinets and a decorative center mirror. 

    The 24" x 24" Granville is a solid budget choice that features a gloss-white finish frame, three openable mirrored doors and two wood interior shelves. 

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    Tri-View/Moderate: Afina Broadway, $661.50

    The Afina Broadway tri-view cabinet available through Wayfair. Photo © Wayfair

    Sleek, modern and sophisticated, the triple-door frameless Broadway features mirrors on both exterior and interior surfaces, plus storage space galore on its three adjustable glass shelves.  

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    Tri-View/Luxury: M Series Cold Storage, $2,508

    The M Series medicine cabinet with mini-fridge by Robern available through build.com. Photo © Robern

    You'd drink more champagne in the tub if you could just keep it chilled, right? The ingenious M Series Cold Storage cabinet features a refrigeration unit that's ideal for keeping wine, sports drinks and high-end cosmetics cool and fresh, while generous 8" shelves hold soap, towels and other non-perishables. This model is stackable with other cabinets in the collection and can be either semi recessed or surface mounted.