Installing a Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet

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    A Price Pfister bathroom faucet
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley

    This tutorial shows the steps for installing a typical two-handle Price Pfister bathroom faucet. The instructions will work for most Price Pfister models, as well as for many faucets from other manufacturers. 

    While each faucet will have some unique features, most Price Pfister faucets have basically the same components. The installation instructions may vary slightly for different models.

    Difficulty Level

    • Easy

    Tools and Materials You Will Need

    • New faucet
    • Channel-type pliers (two pairs)

    Note: For clarity, the step-by-step photos show the faucet installation with the vanity countertop removed. In practice, you'll probably be installing the new faucet with the countertop in place.

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    Remove the Old Faucet and Install the New Spout

    Price Pfister faucet spout
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley
    1. First, shut off the water supply to the old faucet. Then, remove the old faucet completely, and clear the area where you will be installing the new faucet.
    2. Install the new faucet spout. The plastic gasket must be positioned directly beneath the body of the spout. Then, put the spout through the center hole in the countertop.
    3. Put the spacer flange and nut onto the spout tailpiece from underneath the sink.
    4. Tighten the mounting nuts to secure the spout, using channel-type pliers (or a wrench or sockets). Be sure to straighten and center the spout to the desired position before completely tightening.
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    Install the Faucet Valve

    Price Pfister faucet valve
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley
    1. Push the valve body up from under the sink into the two outer holes in the countertop. There is an O-ring in the spout shaft that seals the valve against the spout.
    2. Once the valve is pushed all the way up into position, thread the nut that holds the valve body onto the shaft.
    3. Tighten the nut with a pair of pliers, socket wrench or wrench. Before it is completely tightened, make sure both hot and cold sides are straight in the center of the sinkholes. If they are not quite centered your handles may end up slightly out of place.
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    Install the Trim

    Price Pfister faucet trim installation
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley
    1. Next, you need to install the faucet handle trim. From the top of the sink, install the plastic gaskets first, then the chrome escutcheon.
    2. Tighten the plastic nut over the escutcheon to hold it into place and seal the faucet. Do this for both the hot and cold sides of the faucet.
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    Install the Faucet Handles

    Price Pfister faucet handle installation
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley

    Now you can install the faucet handles. Install both hot and cold handles by slipping them over the valve stems. Push them down all the way and then tighten with the Allen key that comes with the faucet kit.

    You may have to turn the valve to the on-position in order to access the Allen key slot. The same goes if you want to make any repairs in the future. The Allen key slot is designed to be out of sight in order to give the faucet a sleeker look. 

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    Connect the Water Supply Tubes

    Price Pfister faucet water line installation
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley

    Hook up the water supply tubes from under the sink to both hot and cold sides of the faucet, and to the shut-off valves, using channel-type pliers. It is always better to change the supply tubes when installing a new faucet unless they are already fairly new.

    When attaching the tubes, use one pair of pliers to hold the shut-off valve, while using another pair of pliers to tighten the supply tube nut onto the shut-off valve outlet.

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    Change the Pop-Up Drain Stopper

    Bathroom faucet pop-up installation
    The Spruce / Aaron Stickley

    When you purchase a Price Pfister bathroom faucet, you may wish to also change out the pop-up. It is not always necessary to change the bathroom sink pop-up when installing a new faucet. You also may want to change the pop up if it is not working properly, or if the existing pop-up is a different color or finish than the new faucet. 

    If you choose to change the pop-up stopper, you can follow general instructions that will work for the majority of pop-up assemblies.

    If you are not changing the pop-up, then skip to step 8.

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    Checking for Leaks

    1. With the Price Pfister bathroom faucet installation complete, proceed to the connecting the drain, if it was disconnected during installation.
    2. Turn the hot and cold water shut-off valves back on and check for leaks. Do this by turning both hot and cold sides of the faucet on and checking under the sink.
    3. Close the drain pop-up plug and fill the sink with water; then, drain the water quickly to make sure there are no leaks in the drain fittings.