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    Floral Inspiration

    Orange Bouquet
    Photo © Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Princess Kate’s most frequently used accessory isn’t a designer purse or a particular pair of shoes. When Kate Middleton appears in public, she is often photographed holding a vibrant bouquet of fresh cut flowers. As a style icon, we can take cues from the flower varieties and color combinations Kate chooses to complement her wardrobe. These blooms can provide inspiration for your bridal bouquets, flowering gifts, or floral arrangements for your home.

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    Verdant Blooms

    St. Patrick's Day Flowers
    Photo © Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Kate Middleton shows off a green hydrangea corsage and complementary green and white nosegay for the St. Patrick’s Day parade at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, England. Far from being drab, green flowers are a trendy neutral filler in floral arrangements, as well as a striking standalone bloom in bridal bouquets and flowering gift baskets.

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    Princess Kate's Bridal Bouquet

    Princess Kate Wedding Bouquet
    A recreation of the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding bouquet is photographed before it goes on display at Buckingham Palace during the annual summer opening on July 20, 2011 in London, England. Photo © Lewis Whyld/Getty Images

    Princess Kate’s white bridal bouquet was delicate, feminine, and very fragrant. Florist Shane Connolly created the understated teardrop bouquet primarily from lily-of-the-valley and hyacinth blossoms, two flowers used frequently in springtime nuptials. The princess also incorporated sweet William blooms as a nod to her groom.

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    Vintage Charm

    Tulip Bouquet
    Photo © Ian Vogler/Getty Images

    Red and purple were once thought to be clashing colors, but now these hues are on trend in bouquets and in the garden. This flower pot covered in vintage postage stamps is a fun counterpoint to the contemporary tulip bouquet, and would be an easy way to dress up a shabby old box in your garage or basement. Learn how to update any container for floral arrangements using the technique of decoupage.

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    Fragrance Matters

    Fragrant Bouquet
    Photo © Chris Wattie/Getty Images

    You can clearly see that Kate does enjoy her flower bouquets; they aren’t just an invisible appendage to her. Ensuring that your bouquets are fragrant isn’t always a simple undertaking, as many of today’s hybrids are sterile hybrids bred for color, form, and disease resistance. Roses are especially inscrutable; where the blossom of one variety may perfume an entire room, the next variety may barely exude any perfume.

    If fragrance is important to you, include one or more of these flowers in your...MORE arrangement:

    Some fragrant flowers, like gardenias, don’t make very good cut flowers, so it’s best to purchase a gift plant to enjoy these blooms.

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    Flowers To Go

    Yellow Corsage
    Photo © Paul Grover/Getty Images

    The luxury of flowers is accessible to everyone in the form of a simple corsage, as seen in Kate’s daffodil pin. If you stock up on a few floral supply basics, you can make a corsage from your own garden flowers to wear whenever the mood strikes you.

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    Red Rules

    Valentine Bouquet
    Photo © Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Here, Kate Middleton carries a Valentine posy of red roses and anemones that could also make a striking bridal bouquet for a winter wedding. Hand-tied bouquets like these have supplanted bouquet holders in many wedding ceremonies, as they have a more natural and organic vibe than a plastic holder. If bare flower stems aren’t your thing, there are many ways of braiding and lacing ribbons around the stems, to conceal them partially or totally.

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    In-Line Elegance

    Arm Sheaf Bouquet
    Photo © Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    As opposed to a posy bouquet, arm sheaf bouquets can be awkward to carry, but Kate demonstrates ease with her large pink and white arrangement. The bluish-green leaves of the eucalyptus make fragrant filler stems in this bouquet.

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    Flowers From Her Fans

    Pink Rose Bouquet
    Photo © Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Whenever Kate Middleton makes a public appearance, she receives armloads of flowers from her admiring crowds. These typically include roses, carnations, daisies, and mixed flower bouquets. However, what is Kate’s favorite flower? ABC news reported that she especially enjoys white lilies. If she’s looking for fragrance in a white lily, she should seek the summer blooming ‘Casa Blanca’ Oriental lily. Under ideal growing conditions, the stems may reach six feet tall, bearing huge trumpet-shaped...MORE blooms that hawkmoths adore.

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    Exotic Orchids

    Orchid Bouquet
    Photo © Paul Faith/Getty Images

    The cymbidium orchids pictured here delight Princess Kate, and are a good choice to grow in her native climate. These orchids thrive in cooler temperatures, and can even tolerate nighttime lows down to 40ºF. The waxy blooms of the cymbidium orchid also make very long-lasting cut flowers, enduring for several weeks in the vase.

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    Formal Blossoms

    Biedermeier Bouquet
    Photo © Paul Edwards/Getty Images

    These red roses and white tulips are loosely arranged in the Biedermeier style, a type of floral arrangement that features flowers arranged in concentric rings of different colors. This type of arrangement is more common in Europe that in America, and is appropriate for formal wedding bouquets.