10 Best Places to Find Free Printable Grocery Coupons

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Finding coupons for the products you love has never been easier with these websites where you can clip, print, and use their free, printable grocery coupons on your next shopping trip.

You'll also be able to find coupons for household items, baby products, cleaning supplies, and more in addition to the printable grocery coupons. These coupons are usually for the popular brands that you already purchase or have been wanting an excuse to try out.

Keep in mind that most of the websites you can print the grocery coupons from only work on a computer, not on a phone or tablet. You can browse all you want, but you'll need to be hooked up to an actual computer and printer before you can print the coupons. You'll also want to check out these coupon apps so you can save digitally with just your phone.

If you'd rather get physical coupons you can use, check out these places where you can get coupon books mailed to your home for free.

Here's a list of the top places you can find printable grocery coupons.

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    The homepage of SmartSource


    SmartSource has been a long-standing website to find free, printable grocery coupons. In addition to grocery savings, you'll also find coupons for health care and household items.

    Select which coupons you want by using the "Clip" option at the bottom. You can browse through them all or sort them by type of coupon or brand. When you're all finished picking out the coupons you want, you'll need to have the free Adobe Reader installed to be able to print them.

    SmartSource also has a free app and newsletter to make sure you don't miss anything.

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    The grocery coupons available at Coupons.com


    Coupons.com is also a great place to go for printable grocery coupons. They have around 100 coupons available at any given time that you can use to save on groceries, personal care, household, beverages, healthcare, and baby and toddler items.

    You can browse through all the available coupons or use their categories to narrow down your choices. Once you find a coupon you want to print, it's incredibly quick and easy to add it to your printer queue. You will need to verify your device with a confirmation code that is texted to your phone before you can print.

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    Grocery Coupon Network

    Selecting exclusive printable coupons

    Grocery Coupon Network

    Grocery Coupon Network has their own exclusive printable grocery coupons that you won't find anywhere else in addition to some coupons that you've probably already seen on the other coupon websites.

    There are hundreds of coupons here and you can search by specific categories, such as dairy or snacks to find the coupons you need for this week's shopping trip.

    You'll need to submit an email or sign-in with Facebook before you can print the coupons here.

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    Printable grocery coupons available at Valpak


    Valpak has long been known for their mailers that contain local business coupons but they also have printable grocery coupons so you can slash that grocery bill at checkout time.

    Besides grocery coupons, you'll also find coupons for health care and cleaning supplies here. Whichever coupon you choose, you'll need to verify your device with your phone number before printing.

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    RetailMeNot Everyday

    Printable coupons available at RetailMeNot


    RetailMeNot (formerly RedPlum) is another website that has printable grocery coupons. It doesn't have as many available as some of the other places but they are high-value coupons that will help you save on popular brands.

    You'll be prompted to install a printer driver into your browser before you can print the coupons. After it's installed, your coupons will automatically print.

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    P&G Everyday

    Printable coupons for P&G products

     P&G Everyday

    P&G Everyday is where you'll exclusively find printable coupons for your favorite Proctor & Gamble brands including Crest, Pantene, Gillette, Pampers, Tide, and dozens more.

    You can sort the coupons by most recent or highest value and filter them by brand, making it easy to find the coupons you want. You'll need to create an account with them before you can print your coupons.

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    Betty Crocker

    Printable coupons available at Betty Crocker's website

    Betty Crocker

    Betty Crocker has not only coupons for the products, but they also have printable grocery coupons for all the other brands you love.

    With a simple click, you can add the printable coupons to your print queue. You can then print them right away or email yourself a list that you can print later. Whenever you do print, you'll need to verify your computer with a texting confirmation code.

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    Kellogg's Family Rewards

    A list of free, printable coupons from Kellogg's

    Kellogg's Family Rewards

    Kellogg's Family Rewards has coupons available for their own products and also other popular brands. There are coupon categories you can filter by if you'd like including baby and toddler, food, health care, household, and personal care.

    You'll need to create a Kellogg's Family Rewards account or log into it if you already have one before selecting and printing coupons. Then find some coupons you want and click the red plus sign to add them to your print queue. Verify your account and then your coupons will print.

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    Coupons available to print at Pillsbury


    If you love Pillsbury products, you'll want to check out the printable grocery coupons that they have for all your favorite items. They also have a great selection of coupons from other popular brands.

    After you've picked out the coupons you'd like to print, verify your device. You can print the coupons right away or have them emailed to you.

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    Selecting grocery coupons at Lozo


    Lozo doesn't have any exclusive coupons, but it scours all of the other coupon websites and apps that have printable grocery coupons and then puts them all in one place.

    It's easy to find what you're looking for here, you can browse by categories, brands, or type of item in a search term. While you can clip and print some of the grocery coupons directly from Lozo, there are other coupons that you'll need to go to a different coupon website in order to print. The coupons printed from Lozo will need to install an add-on for your browser.