Printable Numbers for Advent Calendars

  • Printable Numbers for Advent Calendars

    Printable numbers to make Advent and countdown calendars (download PDF file below). Kate Pullen

    Updated to include PDF file

    Make your own advent or countdown calendar this year with these free printable numbers. Whether you plan to make a traditional styled Advent calendar with windows or something a little different, the one thing that is central to all Advent and countdown calendars is a set of numbers which indicates the day. These numbers, from 1 - 25 are easy to use. The numbers are on one single sheet of paper so you can print the numbers and cut them from the paper instead of...MORE handling several different files. The numbers have a simple outline shape to make them easy to cut with scissors and they have a large plain inner where you can add your own decorations if required. You can use these numbers as digital stamps.

    While Advent calendars traditionally have 24 windows, I have added the number 25 to this set by request.

    These numbers can be added to your traditional or contemporary Advent project (for more ideas and projects about making Advent calendar see here - How to Make Advent Calendars). Simply adhere the number to the face of the Advent calendar using glue or double sided adhesive tape.

    Download the Free Printable Numbers

    To download this page of numbers simply click on the link below to see the PDF file and then save this to your computer. You can print the page as required.

    Tips for Using Advent Numbers 1 - 25

    Here are some tips for using this free printable number set for Advent and countdown calendars:

    • Use these numbers in the same way that you would digital stamps. Add color to the numbers with marker pens, paints or another coloring method.
    • Decorate the numbers with rubber stamps, you could also consider heat embossing the decorations to add some extra bling to your project.
    • Ink the edges of your numbers before adding these to your Advent or countdown calendar project. This will help to give your calendars a finished and professional feel. To ink the edges simply take a colored marker pen or ink pad and rub this along the cut edge of the number. Use a color which complements your project.
    • Make your numbers stand out from you Advent calendar by using thick double sided tape or glue dots. This will add dimension to your project.
    • For a quick finish, print the numbers onto colored paper. This will save you having to add color by hand. Use a color which contrasts with your background color to really make the numbers stand out from the page.

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