The Best Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists

No more excuses—one of these eight lists will keep you on task

If you have been wanting to do a spring cleaning but feel overwhelmed by the chore, then perhaps one of these checklists is for you. Often having each task written out helps us focus—and we get the satisfaction of checking it off when it is completed! These eight printable lists are somewhat similar to each other but do have their own style, so you can choose which one works for you.​

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    All-Inclusive Spring Cleaning Checklist

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    This beautiful one-page printable checklist from includes items that need to be done in all rooms, room-specific chores, and even a list of what needs to be tackled outside during your spring cleaning. It opens in a PDF format and has boxes to check off as you complete each task.

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    Traditional Spring Cleaning Checklist

    This more traditional list from is available to download for free. It is broken down into regular deep cleaning chores, bonus point areas, and more traditional spring cleaning chores. If your home is already relatively clean, this list will give you a chance to deep clean those forgotten areas.

    You'll need to add this item to the cart in the online store and checkout with your information, but you will not have to pay anything. A link will then be emailed to you directly within a few minutes. 

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    Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

    This basic spring cleaning checklist from is perfect for someone who wants to get a few extra things done but doesn't need a super detailed list. With only a few items on the list, it won't be overwhelming and you can knock out your tasks quickly. 

    The section for notes on the side is really nice to keep track of repairs, items that need to be purchased, or other information that comes to you as you are cleaning. 

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    Detailed Spring Cleaning Checklist

    This spring cleaning checklist from is detailed and thorough. Completing everything on this list will give you a super clean house! The list is laid out nicely in multiple columns so that it fits on one page. It is a great option for someone who not only wants a deep clean but wants to get extra chores done as well—everything from cleaning out drawers to dusting vent covers is included, as well as outside chores.

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    Room By Room Printable Spring Cleaning Checklists has four printable checklists for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. These bright and cheery lists also include items that may need to be updated or replaced in your home. The checklists do have some artwork on them but the font is large and easily read, for those who dislike small print. All checklists are in a PDF format and free to print.

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    Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist

    This super thorough checklist from is one of the most comprehensive among this group, covering deep cleaning, seasonal chores, and even some regular cleaning items we may normally forget about. It includes sections on the foyer, stairwells, laundry room, and outside. Perfect for someone who is ready to tackle the entire house and up for an in-depth cleaning. This list has a link to a printable version that opens in a Google Doc. 

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    Lovely Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

    This lovely printable checklist from creates a nice balance between a detailed list and regular chores. The list has actual check-boxes to mark off and prints in landscape mode. What you may love most about it is how pretty it is— it has a gorgeous border—and just printing it will make you get excited to start cleaning your home.

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    Martha Stewart's Spring Cleaning Checklist

    This free printable PDF document from is more of a basic primer for spring cleaning than a simple checklist. It includes pictures and advice or instructions for some of the tasks. There are no boxes to check off, and the color pictures included may make it less desirable to print. But the information is wonderful and the tasks are nicely laid out.