9 Items Pro Organizers Use to Keep Their Cars Tidy

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Getting organized is a perennial goal on many people’s to-do list, no matter what time of year. We often think about sorting out things inside the home, setting up an amazing closet or perfectly turned-out kitchen. If you get discouraged when the best-laid plans don’t pan out, how about trying a clutter-busting job in another spot where you spend a lot of time: your car. We asked some organizing experts what products they recommend to keep your ride your pride. 

One of the biggest issues with disorganization is clarity, not just with your own goals but also with your limitations. We can’t always mimic what we see others doing on social media or elsewhere. But we can use some time-tested products to help us tame the chaos in any room: even in our cars. Professional organizers offer some insights into their favorite things to use to make car clutter manageable.

UYYE Car Trunk Hanging Organizer

Hanging backseat organizer


It is really easy to toss your game gear, the kids’ toys and anything else that is cluttering up the seating areas of your SUV or minivan all the way to the back and forget about it. No need to let things roll around and take up precious cargo space. Ina Darley, a Houston-based professional organizer, has you covered. She recommends this product to get those items secured and out of the way.

K KNODEL Waterproof Car Garbage Can

Car trash can


When you are on the go, it is inevitable that garbage will go along for the ride. Instead of shoving those burger bags and napkins under the seat or scrambling for a plastic bag, consider this option recommended by organizer Shira Gill, author of Minimalista. This trash bag can hang off a headrest or settle on the floor between seats. It has room for road trip garbage and pockets on the side to hold a phone or other smaller items. Best feature: This bag is leakproof, wipes clean and is reusable. It could be used as a small cooler as well.

Drive Auto Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer


Sometimes, you need a larger storage option for either taking groceries home from the store safely or keeping bigger sports-related items contained. Darley likes this one, a waterproof canvas container that collapses to stash out of the way when you don’t need it. You can even collapse to half its full size to fit in smaller trunks or in the passenger seat.

FORBY Collapsible Front & Backseat Car Organizer with Movable Dividers

Activity and toy organizer


Kids generally don’t travel lightly, with an assortment of toys and snacks often required for a smoother trip. Gill offers up this collapsible organizer that sits neatly in the backseat. It is lead-free and made with safer PAHs, so you don’t have to worry about toxicity. And it’s not just for the younger set. Teens can stash handheld gaming consoles and a couple of drinks without having to worry about losing those very small game cartridges.

Lusso 2 in 1 Car Seat Gap Organizer

Gap organizer


How many of us have accidentally dropped our cellphone, sunglasses or debit card into that gap between the front seat and the console? It’s not only aggravating, but it can also be dangerous if you are trying to rummage around to retrieve your stuff while in traffic. You get two organizing pouches along with spacers to hold them in place, so you can use one for the driver and the other for the passenger.

Lucky Bay Car Seat Side Organizer

Side seat organizer


Need to make use of every bit of space in your vehicle? Attach this to the interior side of the driver or passenger seat, and you have a spot for your phone, CDs, snacks and more. The organizer has three pockets, including one that zips to keep small valuable items out of sight.

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray with Dry Erase Board

Child tray


This do-it-all organizer for younger children fits car seats and boosters, with safety straps holding it firmly in place. Your child can have access to drawing and coloring supplies, a tablet, snacks and more. No more asking “Mom, can I have …?” every 10 minutes on those family road trips! Everything to keep a kiddo engaged and happy is at their fingertips. Bonus: This travel tray also fits airplane seats!

ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer with 10" Table Holder, 9 Storage Pockets

Big kid organizer


For older children or even adults, this is the ultimate organizer. Want to watch a movie? This product holds a 10-inch tablet. You can also pack drinks, snacks, toys and more. The organizer is water-resistant and machine washable and contains nine pockets to tote whatever you please.

Black + Decker dustbuster QuickClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum


Black + Decker

No matter how well you organize things inside your car, accidents are going to happen and messes will be made. Daley likes this model for quick cleanups. The easy-to-carry has a built-in tool that lets you get into the nooks and crannies, between the seats and under them. You can even wash the bowl that holds the dirt and debris to get a clean start each time you lose it.

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