10 Products Organized People Always Have on Hand

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A kitchen with neatly organized shelves and countertops

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If you’re desperate to organize your space but not sure where to start, blindly browsing for the best products is completely overwhelming. Instead, we turned to the experts to get their top tips—and find out what products organized people always have stocked and ready to go. 

Meet Our Experts
  • Sam Tannehill is the owner and principal designer at Sam Tannehill Designs.
  • Danielle Dorn is the creative director for home decor and organization brand, mDesign.
  • Megan Molten is an interior designer based in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Unformed Bins in One, Neutral Color

“Bins are essential to keep things looking tidy and clean at first glance,” Sam Tannehill of Sam Tannehill Designs shares. But, it’s not enough to have a bunch of random storage boxes—the bins themselves should look uniform and organized.

“A well-organized home will have bins all in one color or a natural weave," Tannehill shares. "This creates a clean, accessorized look—everything has a place, and all clutter is hidden.”

Pottery Barn Tava Woven Utility Basket

Pottery Barn Tava Woven Utility Basket

Clear Storage Units

Labeling your storage boxes is one option, but if you can’t easily organize by category or find yourself moving everything around, Danielle Dorn of mDesign, has a better suggestion.

“Staying organized is easier when using any type of clear, plastic storage," Dorn says. "You can see exactly where everything is, so you're motivated to keep it organized for that reason, too."


Choosing a style with a lid allows for stacking, which makes better use of space. Clear storage is also easy to care for, as it can be cleaned with just mild soap and water.

iDesign + The Spruce Linus Drawer Organizer 6 x 15 x 2

iDesign + The Spruce 15inx6 Organizer


Fridge Storage

If TikTok and Instagram are accurate, everyone has their fridge perfectly organized these days—but, getting an Insta-worthy fridge requires a bit more than using the standard-issued shelves.

“For the fridge, clear bins are extremely versatile, allowing you to create a clean and organized space,” Dorn tells us. “Not only can you store your fruits and vegetables neatly, but some come with slots, so they act as an instant strainer. Cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables under running water is a breeze.”

The Spruce by iDesign 3-Piece Plastic Refrigerator Organizer Bin Set with Lids, Clear/White

iDesign The Spruce 3-Piece Plastic Refrigerator Organizer Bin Set with Lids, Clear/White


Minimal Accessories Tucked Away in Baskets

Along with bins, baskets are another must-have, but, consider only keeping accessories that will fit neatly into one or two. “Less is more—over-accessorizing makes the space feel small and cluttered,” Tannehill says. “Throw those extra throw pillows in a jute or natural basket on the floor.”

Interior designer Megan Molten agrees, noting that she is always getting creative and thinking of fun, new ways to use décor pieces that are pretty and functional. “Baskets are a must and can be used for many things," she says. "A few ways I utilize my baskets are for laundry, waste, kids' toys, and blankets.”

Pottery Barn Beachcomber Handwoven Seagrass Rectangular Handled Baskets

Beachcomber Handwoven Seagrass Rectangular Handled Baskets

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Pared Down and Uniformed Artwork

Unless you’re going for a maximalist vibe, cluttered walls could unintentionally give your space a cluttered appearance. 

“Don’t overwhelm your walls with art,” Tannehill says. “Add one special piece, or if you don’t have space, lean a small, framed piece of artwork. If you want to do a gallery wall, keep it simple and really consider the space—only one gallery wall is necessary. Simple touches give that extra cozy and organized feeling.”

Pottery Barn Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames

Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames

Pottery Barn

Vertical Storage

Dorn emphasizes that vertical storage is key. “I recommend shelves to utilize vertical space and create added storage while complementing décor at the same time," she says. "Clear bins are great, too, as you can easily see what you have and stack them."

This is particularly important in places that naturally call for effective use of vertical space—like closets.

“For the closet, I would choose stackable, pull-out drawer boxes, as they’re great for keeping clutter under control," Dorn says. "Everything has its own place, from shoes to socks to accessories."


Dorn loves these containers for having a pull feature—this allows you to quickly grab what you need instead of rummaging through bins stacked on top of each other.

mDesign Plastic Stackable Closet Storage Box

Plastic Stackable Closet Storage Box


Easy-to-Read Labels

“Labels on any type of storage (such as bins, containers, shelves, and more) can help you maintain an organized space," Dorn says. "You can clearly see the name of the item, and they stay there forever, so you’ll never forget what goes where."

Talented Kitchen Magnetic Spice Tins and Labels


Courtesy of Amazon

Hidden Cords

“I try to maintain my client's organization by offering options for hiding cords—my biggest pet peeve,” Tannehill says. “I also find homes for the knick-knacks that can collect in areas that tend to make things feel cluttered.”

Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit

Cord cover kit


Lazy Susans in Every Room

“I recommend lazy Susan turntables for tight, hard-to-reach spaces so things don’t get lost,” Dorn tells us—and she doesn’t just mean in the kitchen. For under the bathroom sink, she also recommends a lazy Susan, as it can neatly and efficiently organize all beauty and cleaning products.

Dorn loves this lazy Susan specifically for bathroom organization. “The two levels allow you to maximize storage space, plus it rotates, so it makes items much easier to reach,” she says.

mDesign Plastic Spinning 2-Tier Lazy Susan

mDesign Plastic Spinning 2-Tier Lazy Susan


Entryway Baskets and Hooks

Truly organized people know that a well-designed life starts the moment you enter your home. This is why an organized entryway is key.

“For the entryway, a strange organizer can function as a mail station to neatly store the mail once it’s received,” Dorn says. “The basket also has hooks, making it convenient to hang your keys or coat right when you get home.” 

mDesign Wall Mount Metal Entryway Storage Organizer

mDesign Wall Mount Metal Entryway Storage Organizer


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