Host a Professional Wrestling Theme Birthday Party for the WWE Fan

Make this Party a WWE Championship Theme Event

boys in luchador masks
 Fuse/Getty Images

Your son or daughter and his or her friends have become caught up in the colorful world of professional wrestling and would like to make that the theme for their next birthday party. Here's how to create a championship party for your big WWE fan.

Wrestling Party Decorations and Ambience

Decorate with red, black and silver (for Raw) or blue, black, and silver (for Smackdown) colored party goods. Purchase professional wrestling fan magazines and use the photos as part of your party room decorations.

Play classic heavy metal as guests arrive as loudly as you can bear it. When guests arrive, give them a mask to wear.


There are a variety of activities you can organize at a wrestling theme party, some requiring more and others less work from you.

For examples, invite your older birthday child's friends over to watch a pay-per-view WWE, or hire a professional local wrestling group or school to give a private wrestling show.


Kids' favorite foods are especially appropriate for this type of party that aims to recreate the mood of a wrestling event. Essentially, serve items you would typically find at arena concession stands, like pizza, hot dogs, french fries, popcorn, chips, and soft drinks.

Take a large square cake and turn it into a wrestling ring by placing pretzel rods in the corners and using licorice rope for the ropes. Draw a large WWE in the center of the cake. Use dark brown chocolate or black dyed icing, and write the letters in blue or red.

Party Favors

Consider giving out WWE trading cards as party favors. If your budget allows, add a favorite star's bobblehead to the party favor bag. They can both be found on the official WWE website.