Project 62 Artificial Potted Aloe Plant Review

This chic succulent was made for waking up your work space

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Project 62 Artificial Aloe Plant In Pot

Project 62 Artificial Potted Aloe Plant

 The Spruce / Hannah Huber

What We Like
  • Minimalist design

  • Vibrant color 

  • Realistic look

What We Don't Like
  • Unrealistic feel

For low light spaces that need a bit of life, Project 62’s Artificial Potted Aloe Plant is an easy remedy that blends seamlessly with your decor.


Project 62 Artificial Aloe Plant In Pot

Project 62 Artificial Potted Aloe Plant

 The Spruce / Hannah Huber

We purchased Project 62's Artificial Potted Aloe Plant so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

We’ve all had those days where getting outside of the office or house is just not in the cards. Indoor plants, including faux plants, have long been considered a mood booster for those who are stuck in fluorescent lighting or windowless settings throughout the day. Decorating your home with plants is a great way to bring a sense of calm to your space. Some people have problems remembering to maintain their plants or have spaces that lack direct sunlight, and for those people, an artificial plant is just the thing. Project 62’s Artificial Potted Aloe Plant brings natural color to a lifeless desk or bland area of your home, injecting some good feng shui into your space. 

Design: Realistic look, but just don’t touch it

It’s a good thing that real aloe plants have spikes that can prick your fingers, most people do not want to touch them anyway. The Project 62 Artificial Potted Aloe Plant looks so great, but the realism stops the minute you touch its plastic branches. 

Project 62 Artificial Potted Aloe Plant
 The Spruce / Hannah Huber

Real succulents like aloe need very little tending, but they do need sunlight to thrive. If your home lacks natural light, this faux succulent looks realistic and may even trick your guests. 

Project 62 is a Target brand introduced in September 2017. Project 62 offers modern stylings for home accessories and furnishings designed for everyday life. The "62" in its name reflects the year Target was founded (1962), which was the height of the midcentury modern movement. The accouterments reflect the clean lines and minimalism that was featured during that time.

Material: Durable and chic

The plant material is made of a rubbery plastic that can be styled in different positions. Instead of using a shiny plastic coating, the leaves are matte and realistic looking with a hint of brown shading on the “spikes.” 

Because the plant material is not a fabric, we think the color on the item won’t fade as quickly if exposed to direct sunlight like a fake plant with fabric leaves would. 

The pot is fragile ceramic with a white matte finish. There is a gritty material at the base of the plant made to look like dirt, but if undisturbed, it won’t shed. 

Texture: Rubbery and flexible

One of the aspects we like most about this faux aloe plant is the authentic layer of “dirt” that lines the base of the plant. It’s solid and has a grainy texture and looks like real potting soil. The aloe plant itself is rubbery and flexible at the top and stiffer at the base so you can pull the leaves apart to give the plant a little more character. 

Project 62 Artificial Potted Aloe Plant
 The Spruce / Hannah Huber

If you decide to spread out the plant’s leaves, do be cautious since it will not go back to its original form easily. If you want to return the plant to its original shape, you can use a tight rubber band at the base for a couple of days to train the leaves back into position. 

There are small spikes on the leaves, which look realistic but are dull to the touch. So if you have kids that get into everything, it won’t scratch them. The cylindrical pot has a smooth finish.

Washing: Low maintenance 

To keep this plant looking its best, the most you need to do is lightly dust the plant with a soft dry cloth every now and then. The spiny nubs on the leaves are malleable and won’t catch on the cloth. 

The grainy material at the base would catch on a soft cloth, so you might want to blow away any loose dust as opposed to using any cleaning solution or cloth. The pot can be simply dusted as well.

Price: Amazing quality for under $20

For a fake plant under $20, it’s a great piece to have around the house that will translate from room to room. Because of its relatively small size, it's an easy accent for a bookshelf, desk, or side table. If you are shopping around for fake plants, there are very few that look this realistic at a $15 price point.

Instead of a shiny plastic coating, the leaves are matte and realistic looking.

Artificial Potted Aloe Plant vs. Alocasia Desktop Succulent Plant in Pot

Small desktop plants are great for adding natural flair to an interior space. The Alocasia Desktop Succulent Plant in Pot is a comparable option to the Artificial Potted Aloe Plant in terms of size and minimalist design, however, the alocasia option is nearly double the price of the fake aloe plant. While both look realistic and chic, the alocasia is slightly taller and draws the eye with layered branches, however, we don’t think that justifies the jump in price point. Unless you are looking for a specific species of plant, Project 62’s option is economical and sleek.

Final Verdict

Every home, office, or studio needs one.

For under $20, this artificial plant looks very realistic and, if you don’t have a green thumb, it is the best solution to bringing a bit of life to your decor. Having an accent like this on hand in your home or at work will prove worth the cost for the natural influence alone. It is an appropriate finishing touch for any redecorating project, and it will last forever.


  • Product Name Artificial Aloe Plant In Pot
  • Product Brand Project 62
  • UPC 490650743349
  • Price $14.99
  • Weight 0.3 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 5 x 12.5 x 5 in.
  • Plant material Plastic
  • Pot material Ceramic