Pump-Free Garden Sprayers

Black & Decker sprayer
David Beaulieu

The Bottom Line

Pump-free garden sprayers allow you to get right down to business, unlike the more typical spraying equipment that requires pumping before they will discharge their contents. The Black & Decker GSP014 model does not require pumping; it has a battery that does the work for you! It's a nice feature, but this particular model leaks, and holding down the "switch button" to discharge the contents is tiring on the thumb -- definitely grounds for a "thumb's down!"


  • No need to pump -- a time and energy saver.


  • These garden sprayers leak.
  • A "switch button" replaces the "trigger", which can be uncomfortable if you are unaccustomed to it.


  • Garden sprayer's battery holds its charge for up to 10 tanks' worth of spraying.
  • The battery is 14.4 volts and rechargeable (charger comes with garden sprayer).
  • Velcro hose holder for easier storage.
  • Garden sprayer's tank holds 1 1/4 gallons.
  • The tank is translucent so that you can easily check the level of the contents.
  • Indicators on the garden sprayer's tank are in gallons and liters.
  • Lightweight at 3 lbs.
  • The sides of these garden sprayers are concave so as to fit up against your hip while spraying.
  • Shoulder strap makes the garden sprayer easier to carry around.
  • Black & Decker's garden sprayers will spray up to 15 feet (when set to "stream" mode).

Guide Review - Pump-Free Garden Sprayers

These pump-free garden sprayers have a rechargeable 14.4-volt battery. The garden sprayers hold a charge for up to 10 tanks' worth of spraying. It's nice being able to spray without worrying about pumping.

That's the good news about them; the bad news, however, is two-fold and simply outweighs the good.

A "switch button" replaces the more customary trigger as the mechanism you squeeze to discharge the garden sprayer's contents. Perhaps Black & Decker felt that the switch button feature would make storing the garden sprayers easier (no trigger sticking out), and that may be. This feature, however, is a mistake, as, when spraying for long periods of time, it's easier on the hand to keep a squeeze-grip on a trigger than to keep a button depressed with your thumb.

While not everyone will agree with the above criticism, the fact that these garden sprayers ​leak is truly damning. The leak is at the tip of the "wand," from which the contents are discharged. Here's the scenario:


  1. You fill the garden sprayer's tank.
  2. You finish your spraying, using only a portion of the tank's contents.
  3. You set your garden sprayer down in the garage.
  4. You come back to the garage later and find a puddle around the garden sprayer.


Yes, you were able to spray without having to pump. So far, so good. But enough is enough! This garden sprayer doesn't know when to quit. When you stop spraying, the garden sprayer should stop, too. This one doesn't.

A better pump-free garden sprayer, based on the reviewer's tests, is the Green Gorilla product.


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