Pumpkin Party Projects

Every year when fall rolls around, I'm amazed at the many ways people use pumpkins. Their creative ideas for decorating, carving, and displaying them are so inspiring. It makes me want to buy dozens of pumpkins and try their ideas myself. Although I haven't purchased any pumpkins yet, I did create some colorful gourds for my home's fall decor. It's onto pumpkins next! 

I've also discovered that pumpkins aren't just pretty objects; they can also be functional pieces when it comes to entertaining. Today I've collected some practical party ideas straight from the pumpkin patch. If you host any fall events this year and have a few extra pumpkins laying around, try one of these Pumpkin Party Projects to add an extra special touch to your celebratory decor.

That's a wrap!

As you can see, the options for pumpkins are endless. What other fun ideas do you have for entertaining with pumpkins?