Throw a Pumpkin-Themed Party Designed for Kids

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A pumpkin-themed party creates a bright and festive celebration for the autumn season. You can use plain pumpkins for your party, or choose jack-o-lanterns if you want to add a spooky effect around Halloween time.

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    Location: Pumpkin Farms and Backyard Pumpkin Patches

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    One idea for a pumpkin-themed party is to host it at a pumpkin farm. At some farms, party guests can enjoy a hayride and pick their own pumpkin from the patch. If you host your pumpkin party at a farm, you may want to ask parents to stay and escort their children through the activities.
    Another idea is to build a mock pumpkin patch in your own backyard. A few hay bales for seating and some piles of pumpkins are all you really need to add to the natural backdrop created by the colorful leaves of the fall season.
    Sometimes fall weather can be downright chilly or quite windy, or your party may be scheduled after the early sundown hours of the season. Of course, a pumpkin-themed party can be held just as well indoors, and decorations can turn any setting into a colorful, pumpkin wonderland.

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    Pumpkin-Themed Invitations

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    For a kids party, it’s always nice to feature a fun image of your child on the party invitation. If you add some text to the photo and print it on postcard paper, the party details can be written on the back. This type of invitation also simplifies the mailing process. For a pumpkin-themed party, some cute ideas for a photo include featuring your child in a pumpkin patch, holding a pumpkin or even wearing a pumpkin costume.
    Additional ideas for pumpkin party invitations include:

    • Pumpkin-shaped invitations that have been cut out of orange cardstock or construction paper.
    • A hand-delivered bag of pumpkin candies, with an attached tag that outlines the party details.
    • Pumpkin coloring pages that have been decorated by your child, with the party details written on the back.
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    Pumpkin Decorations

    Halloween decoration
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    The ideas for pumpkin party-theme decorating are as abundant as  pumpkins themselves in autumn. Choose a few of these ideas that best suit your personal party plan:

    • Hang paper pumpkins (cut out of orange cardstock or construction paper) around the party space.
    • Pumpkin candle holders or luminaries (with flameless candles).
    • Scatter real pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns around the party area.
    • Line the walkway to the party’s entrance with pumpkins.
    • Pumpkin garland like this one from A Glimpse Inside.
    • Paper pumpkins.
    • Painted and decorated pumpkins.
    • Pumpkin tea light holders (use battery-operated tea lights).
    • Pumpkin string lights.
    • Pumpkin wreaths.
    • Orange balloons.
    • Pumpkin candies as table confetti.
    • Pumpkin place cards.
    • Large pumpkin centerpiece. This pumpkin can be painted, carved or draped with ribbon. Another idea is to hollow it out and fill it with miniature pumpkins.
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    Pumpkin Crafts and Games

    Children carving from the pumpkin
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    To entertain your guests, have them play pumpkin-themed games or create an easy pumpkin craft. Ideas for pumpkin party activities include:

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    Pumpkin-Themed Food

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    Create a menu with pumpkin-inspired recipes or serve other foods in the shape of a pumpkin. A veggie platter made up of carrots and olives, for instance, can be made to resemble a jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin shaped cookie cutters may also be used to make items such as pumpkin-shaped sandwiches, cookies, pancakes, brownies, and quesadillas.

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    Pumpkin Party Favors

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    If your party had a pumpkin picking, carving or decorating activity, then the pumpkins the kids worked on can be taken home as party favors. Any crafts made also can double as your pumpkin party favors. If you’re in need of additional parting gifts, however, some ideas include:

    • A pumpkin shaped box, jar or tin, filled with pumpkin candies or cookies
    • Miniature pumpkins
    • Pumpkin stickers
    • Pumpkin carving kits