Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets Product Review

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When Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets were introduced in 2009, they were promoted as one of the most convenient laundry products on the market. This one little sheet combined laundry detergent, fabric softener and static-cling dryer sheet all in one.

While certainly easy to use, they did not last long in the marketplace. Cleaning performance was spotty and the sheets caused issues in some washers be getting trapped in the mechanisms.

So, they disappeared from market shelves and Purex moved on to other new detergent offerings.

However, if you love them, Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets are still available online from amazon.com. Just remember, convenience has its price!

Purex 3 in 1 Pros

  • Convenient
  • Attractive dispenser

Purex 3 in 1 Cons

  • Product does not remove heavy soil or stains from laundry
  • Packaging does not contain recycled plastics
  • Can damage some washers

Description of Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets

  • Each sheet contains detergent, fabric softener and an anti-static product.
  • Easy to use and removes some stains.
  • Refillable dispenser.
  • Great for limited storage space in the laundry room and simple to transport for laundromat or communal laundry room use.

NOTE: This product is no longer manufactured or offered for sale in stores.

The Henkel and Purex Laundry Story

Purex offers a full line of laundry products including liquid laundry detergent, single dose laundry detergents, laundry detergent powder, liquid fabric softeners, dryer sheets and Purex Crystals in-wash scent booster.

The products are manufactured by Dial Corporation of Henkel North America based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Other Henkel products are Magic Release, Purex color safe bleach, Zout, 20 Mule Team Borax and Sta-Flo Starch.

Henkel is an international company that produces adhesives, cleaning products and personal care products around the world.

Many familiar United States brands - Loctite, Soft Scrub, Dial Soap, Right Guard, Soft 'n Dri - are products of Henkel.

The name Purex was coined in 1923 for a chlorine bleach developed by Lionel and Ray Precourt. By 1946, the Purex company added their first powdered laundry detergent, Trend. In 1975 liquid laundry detergents hit the shelves and the Purex brand has continued to grow and offer new products.

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets - Product Review

It seems almost too easy. Drop in one sheet into the washer and forget about adding fabric softener and remembering to add a dryer sheet to the dryer. But Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets actually work that way. Each sheet contains a super-concentrated detergent, softener and anti-static product on a synthetic non-woven sheet.

Formulated to use in either top load or front load washers, the sheets have a large blue area that is the detergent that is released during the wash cycle. There is also a green stripe that is heat activated by the dryer to soften clothes and remove static. Just keep the sheet with your wet laundry when you transfer it to the dryer.

If using the sheets in a front-loading washer, place the sheet in a washable mesh bags.

The sheets can slip between the inner wash drum and the outer drum causing blockages and preventing the washer from draining properly.

I found them to be satisfactory at removing light laundry grime. Stains still need to be spot treated as usual. The clothes came out smelling clean and static free. (I tried Spring Oasis - also available in Tropical Escape and the unscented and dye-free Pure & Clean.)

As with any fabric softener or dryer sheet, the product is not recommended for use on children's sleepwear or other flame resistant fabrics because it reduces fire resistance. And, as with other dryer sheets, the product may cause spotting on your laundry.

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