How a Purge-Fest Will Give You Time, Energy, and Joy

Cleaning can give you more than a sense of accomplishment, like when you donate

Let the Purge-Fest Begin!
A purge-fest makes room for more time and energy. Read on to learn how. Getty Images

If money is tight and you can't contribute to the charities you want consider donating unused items to a local charity.  What a great way to clear the house of the clutter you feel you endlessly clean up, sort, and organize..

Purging your home creates room for new things, both physically and mentally. 

Physically, you may get gifts that need a place in your home.  You have fewer items to clean in your home.

  When you live a minimalist lifestyle you get more time to rest and more energy to do the things you want to do.

Mentally, you may be able to think clearer, breathe easier or be freer to brainstorm because you are not surrounded by clutter.   

It feels good to help those in need.  Someone gets something new. You and your family feel good about the state of your home and you may help a family in need.

Are you curious about how to start your purge-fest?  Then follow these steps to start cleaning out your home.

Decide what is important to you and your family

What is everyone into at the moment?  What is important to them?  I’m not talking about just personal possessions because if you ask child which toys they love they’ll say all of them.  I’m referring to what they like to talk about, what they are obsessed with, what absorbs most of their attention.  As for you, what are your values and priorities?

  Do your possessions reflect them?  What has been important to you over the last few months?  Are your possessions distracting you from what is important?  If you want to make your purge-fest easier answer these questions before you declutter.  It’s easier to get your head straight before you get your home straight.

Set a Completion Date

Find a local charity that will pick up your donations (this will save you one less errand).  This keeps you accountable because you’ve told the charity when to come to your home and how many boxes or bags you’ll be donating.  Now it’s time to deliver on your promise.  Let the countdown on your calendar begin!  If your kids are old enough tell them about the deadline to get them motivated to help.

Start Sorting What You'll Keep and What You'll Donate

Now that you are armed with knowing what’s important to you and your family and you have a date you need to have things boxed up let your purge-fest begin!  Keep an open box out so you can toss things easily in.  You can write down on the box what you’re putting in so that when you claim the donation on your taxes you know what you gave away.

When the kids are around keep the box closed or in a high place so they don’t disrupt your awesome purge-fest.  If your kids ask what you’re doing explain you’re giving away things you don’t use anymore to people who will use them. 

Spread the Word About What Your Purge-fest

Tell the world about your purge-fest!  Purging is contagious.  When you tell people about how you feel about your clutter it helps change your situation.

  You are talking, out loud, about something that bothers you.  This public admittance makes the situation more real.  This sharing helps you mentally process what you are doing, gives others the opportunity to offer advice, and help you reach a resolution perhaps about things you’re unsure if you should donate or not. 

Spreading the word is another way to keep you accountable.  People love to hear about other people’s successes.  Your happy ending will inspire others.  You may cause another purge-fest and make another needy family happy.

When you’re a Working Mom a minimalist life style is easier to maintain.  The less you have to clean the quicker you can sit down, enjoy your children and rest.  If you feel like you’re drowning in toys every night start a purge-fest ASAP. 

Now I want to hear from you!

When was your last purge-fest?  Are you looking forward to starting a new purge-fest to help make room for good things in your life?  Tell me all about it over on my Facebook page!