25 Purple Bedrooms That Are Fit for Royalty

Purple decorated bedroom with ornate frames on purple walls

The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

Purple is by no means the most common color for a bedroom, but when it does make an appearance, you won't be able to stop admiring how lovely it looks. Whether you opt for a dark violet or a soft lavender is up to you—there so many wonderful shades of purple to choose from depending on design goals. Below are 25 of our favorite purple bedrooms that are sure to make a lasting statement.

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    Light Lavender

    mix of purple shades in bedroom

    @decorating.genius / Instagram

    We can spot a whole variety of purple hues in this glam primary bedroom. A dark headboard shines against lighter walls, and luxe curtains and a corresponding bolster pillow make for fab finishing touches.

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    Purple Pillows

    purple and gray bedroom

    @donice.designs / Instagram

    Not able to paint the walls? Don't fear—you can still design a purple-filled space by focusing on textiles. Here, curtains, throw pillows, and a textured blanket complement gray furnishings.

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    Purple Statement Wall

    purple bedroom with florals

    @firsthomelove / Instagram

    Installing a board and batten wall? Take it to the next level by painting it purple! Then top off the look with a fab floral bedspread that adds extra charm and a dose of pattern.

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    Purple Palms

    purple palm wallpaper

    @knofdesign / Instagram

    Who says you can't pair purple and palm trees? This wallpaper celebrates the best of both worlds while adding a subtle tropical touch to this classic bedroom.

    "In order to skillfully incorporate the color purple into a bedroom while keeping the space relaxing and very zen, I like to stay on the softer side and infuse a lot of lavender," says Susan Knof, who designed this bedroom. "Lavender is universally known for its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Think essential oils and soothing spas."

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    Two-Toned Purple

    two-toned purple walls

    @aliciaconnellydesign / Instagram

    You can also go two-toned and experiment with a couple of different shades of purple within the same space. Try pairing a violet with a lighter lavender for a little unexpected intrigue.

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    Purple Accents

    purple accent wall

    @orlandohouse_ / Instagram

    Unsure about going full-on purple in your space? Try out an accent wall and watch how much just a bit of paint can transform the bedroom. The deep hue makes the white fireplace mantel shine.

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    Purple Stripes

    traditional purple bedroom

    @barbaracortesi.interiors / Instagram

    Get preppy with stripes! A purple and white headboard and toile wallpaper add some "traditional with a twist" vibes to this cheerful bedroom.

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    Purple Minimalism

    serene purple room

    @the_turret_house / Instagram

    An all-purple bedroom can certainly be nice and serene. Keep accessories and furnishings to a minimum to create a soothing, spa-like sleep space that still is full of color.

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    Purple Prints

    purple patterns in bedroom

    @carolynthayerinteriors / Instagram

    Have fun with different shapes and patterns within your all-purple space. A scalloped headboard, polka dot print curtains, and abstract floral lampshades keep this bedroom looking nice and interesting.

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    Purple Swirls

    swirl wallpaper with purple decor

    @carolynleonadesign / Instagram

    Make your purple space look ultra-mod by incorporating fun swirls and abstract prints. Wallpaper is always a fabulous way to play with pattern, no matter if a space is big or small. "When designing bedrooms, one of the shades of purple we like to incorporate is a dusty purple tone," notes Liz Goldberg, who designed the room above. "It comes across dreamlike and very soothing."

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    Plum Purple

    plum purple walls

    @numbertwentytwosomerset / Instagram

    A plum colored wall adds a moody touch to this otherwise all-white bedroom. Never forget that a little color can go a long way!

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    Purple and Black

    purple and black bedroom

    @ashleyfayerussell / Instagram

    Purple and black make for an edgy pairing and make this alternative-themed bedroom seem quite cozy.

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    Electric Purple

    bright purple bedroom

    @lizzyhigham_interiorstyling / Instagram

    We have no doubt that waking up in this bedroom every morning automatically puts one in an energetic mood. A neon-like purple makes the walls pop, and a slew of other vibrant accent pieces just contribute even more to this space's sweet yet spunky aesthetic.

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    Purple Florals

    floral decor on canopy bed

    @georgiapepperberry / Instagram

    This charming bedroom has a special twist in the form of purple floral decorations that add oomph to the canopy bed. The end result? Basically like waking up in your own secret garden every morning. The brass frame only adds more beauty. "Purple represents royalty, mystery, peace and magic, so it only makes sense to pair it with some gold accents as well," Knof says.

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    Versatile Purple

    bright purple bedroom

    Smith Hardy for Leigh Jones

    If you're decorating a child's room, purple can be a wonderful choice. "While not used often in a bedroom space, the right purple offers a lively sophistication," designer Leigh Jones comments. "It’s versatile and evokes a feeling of joy and serenity suitable for a young person to transition into as they grow without feeling too youthful. Paired well with soft neutrals or rich natural tones, a lovely lilac achieves a balance of comfort and vibrance."

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    Purple and Wood

    light purple walls and wooden furniture

    Smith Hardy for Leigh Jones

    If your bedroom features classic wooden furnishings, you can still introduce pops of purple. A lighter shade allows these existing pieces to shine through a more modern lens.

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    Purple Glamour

    glam purple bedroom

    @interiorby_ashleighp / Instagram

    Go glam by adding velvet accent pieces to your purple bedroom for an ultra-royal touch. A dramatic headboard and matching settee make this space fit for a queen or king.

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    Purple Built-Ins

    purple built ins

    Michael Partenio for Rinfret Ltd

    If your bedroom built-ins are begging for some new life, paint the backs purple and then sit back and admire this fresh pop of color. A simple makeover like this can be completed in just an afternoon, too.

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    Purple Nook

    purple window seat

    Michael Partenio for Rinfret Ltd

    Jazz up a window seat with elegant light purple fabric and pillowcases. Then close the bedroom door, light a candle, and get lost in your latest read—these calming colors are perfect for relaxing with a good book.

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    Peppy Purple

    purple kid bedroom

    @rachels_real_home / Instagram

    Another way to make a young person's room look both peppy and elegant is by incorporating a variety of purple hues into the space. A geometric accent wall and some colorful string lights keep the space feeling energetic and welcoming.

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    Bold Purple Touches

    purple pillows and light wallpaper

    Life Created for Living with Lolo

    Don't be shy with your color choice! Rich purple pillows pair nicely with muted wallpaper in this sophisticated sleep space.

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    Brown-like Purple

    purple brown accent wall

    Life Created for Living with Lolo

    Those who like purple but are less into bright shades may wish to replicate a setup like this one, which features a purple accent wall that almost leans brown.

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    Purple and Wood

    purple and gray

    Life Created for Living with Lolo

    Don't be afraid to mix purple with wood. "When pairing purple with other colors, we love how it goes with shades of brown, from a deep chocolate to a softer mushroom or greige tone," Goldberg comments.

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    Timeless Purple

    muted purple room

    @kristintryinteriors / Instagram

    Bunk beds don't have to result in a room that looks super kid-like. Keep decor chic with muted purple hues that will stand the test of time.

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    Purple and Silver

    purple and silver

    @repurposedbydesign / Instagram

    The space shows us how elegant purple and silver look paired together. For a glamorous, feminine touch, the two colors are a no-fail.