10 Perfectly Purple Nursery Shades

Purple girl nursery

Nick & Alicia

Soothing and feminine, purple is fast becoming the new nursery favorite, offering all the girly goodness of pink with twice the staying power. But for all its charms, purple can be, well, a little temperamental. Choose the right shade, and you’ll have a chic space that will take your baby well beyond his or her toddler years. Get it wrong and your little one's room could end up looking gloomy or even... gulp...crass. 

Nervous? No need! With a few helpful tips, you can easily master this beautiful—if notoriously difficult—nursery color. Need a no-fail solution? Whether you're hoping for light and airy, or rich and moody, these 10 perfectly balanced shades or purple will not let you down. 

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    Best Lavender Hue: Sherwin-Williams Elation SW 6827

    Sherwin-Williams Elation paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Don’t let those subdued tones full you. This lovely lavender hue is bolder than it looks.

    When it comes to purple, a little goes a long way. Even the lightest of pastel shades can have a dramatic effect once they hit the wall, so it’s usually better to opt for a color that’s a shade or two lighter than you think you want.

    Dreaming of that quintessential sugared-almond shade? Sherwin-Williams' Elation is a sweet bet.

    Sherwin-Williams Elation SW 6827

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    Best Shade of Violet: Behr Vaguely Violet P540-1

    Behr Vaguely Violet paint swatch
    The Spruce

    If a soothing, barely-there shade is your goal, Vaguely Violet by Behr is victory in a paint can.

    At first glance, this versatile nursery shade almost seems like silver gray, but blue and pink undertones provide a subtle wash of purple, which can be further emphasized when paired with white or clean gray accents.

    Behr Vaguely Violet P540-1

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    Best Pink-Toned Purple: Benjamin Moore New Age 1444

    Benjamin Moore New Age 1444
    The Spruce

    Looking for a purple with some serious staying power? Try New Age by Benjamin Moore. This muted shade of light lilac tempers energetic pink tones with a gray wash, creating a subtle shade that’s cheery enough for a toddler and yet sophisticated enough for a teen.

    Benjamin Moore New Age 1444

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    Best Light Purple-Pink: Benjamin Moore Raspberry Ice 2072-70

    Benjamin Moore Raspberry Ice paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Can’t decide between purple and pink for your little girl’s room? Have the best of both words with Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Ice. Cleaner and subtler than New Age, this fresh and frosty shade of lilac doesn’t need heavy gray tones to subdue its understated beauty, making it the perfect choice for a soft, chic, and ultra feminine space.

    Benjamin Moore Raspberry Ice 2072-70

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    Best Medium Shade of Purple: Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac SW 6556

    Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac swatch
    The Spruce

    A gem of a color from Sherwin-Williams “Vintage Moxie” collection, Obi Lilac is a medium purple that won’t disappoint. Brightened with pink tones and cooled with gray, this pretty hue strikes the perfect balance, creating drama without being gloomy or garish.

    Sherwin-Williams Obi Lilac SW 6556

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    Best Warm Shade of Purple: Behr Decanting S120-4

    Behr Decanting paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Rich and rosy, Decanting by Behr is a warm and cozy shade that boasts plenty of drama despite its cheery disposition. Pair with creamy white accessories for that mouth-watering “berries and cream” look.

    Behr Decanting S120-4

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    Best Periwinkle: Benjamin Moore Purple Poppy TC-14

    Benjamin Moore Purple Poppy paint swatch
    The Spruce

    A mid-tone, periwinkle purple, Benjamin Moore’s Purple Poppy is drenched in rich undertones of blue and violet. It’s a soothing, delicate color that’s perfect for a nursery, especially when paired with clean white furnishings and sherbet-inspired shades of mint or coral.

    Benjamin Moore Purple Poppy TC-14

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    Best Shade of Magenta: Sherwin-Williams Radiant Lilac SW 0074

    Sherwin-Williams Radiant Lilac paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Darker and a touch warmer than Obi Lilac, Sherwin-Williams' Radiant Lilac boasts a deep color saturation while keeping things cheery with a healthy dose of plummy pink. It’s a swoon-worthy shade for those who like a touch of old-fashioned glamour.

    Sherwin-Williams Radiant Lilac SW 0074

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    Best Muted Shade: Behr Plum Rich MQ5-35

    Behr Plum Rich paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Need a color worthy of your little drama queen? Plum Rich by Behr makes the perfect statement.

    A deep shade of purple is the ultimate in girly glam, and this gorgeous hue is no exception. Tempered with energetic pink undertones, Plum Rich is dark but never glum. Set this stunning color against a muted lilac and pair with creamy white accents. Want to up the lux factor? Think crystal chandeliers, gray furs, and gold accessories. 

    Behr Plum Rich MQ5-35

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    Best Deep Purple: Kelly Moore Vincotto KM5583

    Kelly Moore Vincotto paint swatch
    The Spruce

    Crushing on the bold neutral trend? Black accent walls and deep, muted shades of navy and green have been popping up in nurseries everywhere, subdued into near-neutral status with heavy doses of gray undertones.

    A dark, plummy purple with a heavy gray wash, Vincotto by Kelly Moore couldn’t be more on point. Try setting this moody hue against a neutral gray backdrop, and punctuate with bright orange accents or soft greens.

    Kelly Moore Vincotto KM5583