Put A Wreath On It

A home never looks quite as cozy and happy as it does around the holiday season. It seems like as the years go by people start decorating for the holidays earlier and earlier. You barely have time to put your jack-o-lantern away before the Christmas trees start going up! It can all become very overwhelming as we all want our homes to feel festive but don't always have the time or budget to go crazy decking our halls. Well, I'm happy to tell you a wreath - real or faux can be the first...MORE step to help you get your house in the holiday spirit. Let's explore a few easy ways to integrate one or more wreaths into your space for big festive impact without a big festive budget or timeline. 

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    On the Cabinet Door

    anextraordinaryday.net via Pinterest

    Hanging a wreath from a pretty ribbon on your cabinet door is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your space. I love how the black and white check and the green wreath pop off the light colored cabinetry.  Obviously you would not want to hang a wreath on a cabinet you utilize regularly, but if you can find a cabinet or two that you do not need to get into quite as often this approach can really add a layered and festive look to your kitchen. 

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    On a Shelf

    CountryLiving.com via Pinterest

    Do you have open shelves or maybe a bookcase in your kitchen? If so, consider sprinkling in a few wreaths amongst your other accessories to add some instant holiday happy to your kitchen. In this picture the wreaths are not even decorated, they are simply placed on the shelves - super easy and affordable. You can't beat that! 

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    On the Backsplash

    ourfifthhouse.com via Pinterest

    If you are really looking for simplicity that packs a major visual punch, simply hang a wreath on your backsplash area over your hood. This look is festive, happy and could not be easier. If you have a big meal planned, simply take the wreath down while you prepare your food and then pop it back up before your guests arrive. Easy-peasy. 

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    On the Hood

    bloglovin.com via Pinterest

    A decorative hood is a definite focal point in a kitchen, so why not take that decoration to the next level by slapping a wreath on it? I love how a non-traditional green and red wreath was selected for this kitchen. The textured cream really pops off the color of the hood and blends so elegantly with the rest of the kitchen.  

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    On a Barstool

    Countryliving.com via Pinterest

     One of my favorite ideas is to hang a simple wreath from the back of a few chairs or barstools in the kitchen. I love how a little string and a small wreath can make such a festive statement. You can hang a wreath on each and every chair or barstool or just select a few to adorn, either way the look is classic and happy. 

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    On the Windows

    Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios,

    Exterior windows are not the only windows that could use a wreath or two around the holidays. If you happen to have some windows in your kitchen consider decorating them with a wreath that you can view and enjoy from inside your space. The company I work for, Bell Kitchen and Bath Studios, provided the cabinetry for this kitchen for the 2012 Holiday Home and I love how the windows with wreaths frame out the beautiful hood by Raw Urth

It is crazy to think a ring of greenery can add so much interest, texture and holiday life to your space, but it's true! A wreath is the perfect holiday accessory to throw around your home and especially your kitchen this Christmas season. They are affordable, flexible and completely customizable making them a must have accessory for today's Christmas kitchen.