How to Repair a PVC Joint

Everything You Need to Know about PVC Joint Repair

There are times when an emergency PVC joint repair is necessary even as a temporary measure. It is always better to cut out the broken joint and replace it with a new joint. Although there are many times when a patch or repair will hold long enough to make arrangements for a permanent repair. Doing this makes it not quite the emergency that it was before the quick repair. A PVC joint repair can be handy in many situations but it should never be used as a permanent fix for the main water supply...MORE that has constant water pressure.

Here are some PVC joint repairs that I have seen work in a pinch.

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    Rubber Tape

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    This is a sticky rubber tape that you wrap around the leaking joint area. Rubber tape can be wrapped and overlapped very tightly to seal a leaking PVC joint. The good part about this is that it can be wrapped a long way down for splits in a pipe. The bad part is that it is not very good for tight places since you will need room to wrap it around.

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    Goop and many other PVC glue or epoxy type repairs say they work well but I have not tried any myself. When using glue for a PVC joint repair make sure that the glue will hold the pressure required for the joint being repaired. You may even think about using a combination of rubber hose and clamp with the glue for some added strength. I have actually seen glue hold leaks but these are the patches to be most concerned about not holding. Pay special attention to the cure time for the glue you are...MORE using before turning the water pressure on.

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    Fiberglass Tape

    I have seen fiberglass tape used by a lot of handymen and it seems to work pretty well and not only on PVC pipe. To use fiberglass tape you dip it in water and then wrap it around the pipe extending at least two inches on each side of the hole or crack. The cure time on the fiberglass tape is usually about 30 to 40 minutes so it will not take a long time to set up.

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    Repair Putty

    Plumbing putty epoxy is another way to make a temporary PVC joint repair. It is safe for many types of repairs. To use it you form the putty around the hole or cracked in the PVC and wait for it to cure. The cure time is about 1 hour. It is not the prettiest repair because you see a blob of hard putty in the repaired area but it can be an effective quick repair.

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    Rubber And Hose Clamps

    You can use a piece of thick rubber and hose clamps for many temporary repairs including PVC joint repairs. If the leak is isolated to one area and not split down the length of a joint or a piece of pipe then you can usually get a piece of rubber around it. Use a thick piece of rubber on the leaking piece and tighten a hose clamp or two around the pipe smashing the rubber piece around the leak. This will usually stop or at least greatly slow down the leak and buy you some time for a permanent...MORE repair.

    When you are ready to make a permanent PVC repair consider using push-fit fittings to make the repair quickly without gluing. Also, for a split in a PVC pipe try using a compression repair coupling.