Silgranit Sinks

Silgranit Sink.

I redid my personal kitchen a few years ago and I find myself constantly critiquing the selections I made every time I use my space. As a kitchen designer I am asked for my opinion a lot and while  I am exposed to new products on the regular it is always nice to be able to speak from experience. I will say when it came time to pick out the specifics for my own kitchen I had to make the best decisions I could with the knowledge and feedback I had gathered over the years, thankfully there were a few elements I knew from the get go I wanted to incorporate and one of those was a Silgranit sink. The Silgranit sink is made by Blanco and is hands down the most durable sink on the market. I have specified this sink for many a kitchen including my own and for my parents and grandparents kitchens so I know all of the perks Blanco raves about with this product to be true. What are the perks you ask? Let me fill you in...


Scratch and Stain Resistant:

First and foremost Blanco Silgranit sinks are scratch and stain resistant. This may not sound like the biggest deal ever, but try forking out money for a beautiful sink and finding a large gash in it days after installation because one of your family members put their dishes in the sink haphazardly. Because Silgranit consists of 80% natural granite it is literally as hard as a rock making it very durable and durability equals peace of mind. 

Heat Resistant:

Drain your spaghetti noodles with a confidence because Silgranit sinks are heat resistant up to 280 degrees celsius. That is 536 degrees fahrenheit!! Holy Cow!

Easy to Clean:

Keeping your Silgranit sink clean is easy-peasy. Marks and stains can be easily removed with a scouring sponge and water. This has been especially important to us as we are not the type of people to have a special cleaner for every space in our kitchen (stainless cleaner, stone cleaner, cabinet cleaner, etc...) Some of our surfaces do require special attention and special products, but not our sink. with just a little water and effort marks are easily removed. 

Styles and Finishes:

There are an abundance of styles, sizes and finishes of the Silgranit sink available. My parents have a double undermount sink in Anthracite, my grandparents have a single undermount sink in Pearl Gray and I have a single undermount sink in white. Each style and color we have has held up great and looks beautiful in the respective space. I love the wide range of options that accompany a product with durability. Often times you sacrifice form for function or the other way around, but not with the Silgranit sink. 

Kitchens are meant to be both beautiful and functional and products like the Blanco Silgranit sink help make that hope a reality. The price point is good, the aesthetics are good and you can not beat the durability. In my opinion the Silgranit sink is a kitchen must have.