5 Qualities You Need to Work at Home Successfully

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    Find Out If You Have What It Takes to Work at Home

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    The idea of working at home can be quite appealing. The freedom to work when you want, the lack of a commute, more time with family are among ideas that can lure a person into the work-at-home life. And for many that have the personality to work at home all of these can be achieved.

    However, working from home is not for everyone. As much as you may want all those things, the top priority is to be successful in whatever you do. Consider then what it takes to be a success and if you have these...MORE qualities.

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    Skills and Education to Do the Job

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    The number one quality anyone needs to be successful in a work-at-home job is simply the skills and education required to do that particular job. There is much less opportunity to learn on the job when you work at home.  Most companies that hire people to work from home look for experienced workers, not those with entry level skills, to telecommute as employees. When they hire freelance consultants rarely are these people new to their career fields. Typically such independent contractors have...MORE gained their skills in an in-house environment.

    The exception to this is if you work for an company that recruits home-based workers and trains them online, like a virtual call center. These type jobs also allow for metrics and monitoring remote workers’ performances in a way that most do not. And  again, these are fairly low-skill/low-paying jobs.

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    Self-Motivation and Drive

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    To get that home-based job you want, you will likely need to point to examples of your own drive and motivation during the interview process. But more important than that, to be successful in the job you really will have to have a high level of self-motivation.

    There are many distractions when you work at home. Yes, there are distractions in the office, but the external pressure you feel from coworkers and your supervisor can help keep you from falling prey to them. When you work at home, the...MORE pressure to stay on track must come mostly from internal sources.

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    Independence and Problem-Solving

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    Hand in hand with self-motivation comes independence. Yet, they are not the same. Independence has more to do with problem-solving. It means knowing when you need input and guidance to proceed and when you don’t. It simply takes more time to guide someone through a process when it is done remotely, so the home-based worker will have to need less help to be successful. Again, this is why so few telecommuting jobs are entry level.

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    Strong Communication Abilities

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    Being a good communicator means understanding human interactions. Both good writing and good speaking skills are important. Home-based workers rely heavily on email, instant messaging, texts and other forms of written communication. However, writing effective email, text, instant message, etc. is about more than just the words you choose. Knowing when to simply pick up the phone is just as important. Unlike in face-to-face or phone conversations, clarifications and questions become cumbersome in...MORE the back and forth of written communications email.

    And in that same vein, good communication is key to networking. And networking is essential to the remote worker who is always as risk of being out of sight and therefore out of mind. Home-based professionals, more so than those in and office, need to be active in reaching out to coworkers, colleagues, supervisors and clients in order to stay on top of what is happening in their career field.

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    A Sense of Balance in Your Life

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     While it might seem like telecommuting is the way to achieve work-life balance, this is not necessarily a given. You will have to put an effort behind this. Working from home may help create balance in your life, but only if have discipline. Workaholics, or potential ones, need to navigate very carefully. The mixing of work and family in one place can lead to overworking or bruised feelings of family members who expect that your presence in the home means you can give your attention too....MORE  Setting ground rules and expectations for yourself and your family members is essential in creating balance.