The Best Quartz Countertop Alternatives to White Marble

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    Cambria - Brittanica

    New Cambria Countertop.

    There is no denying white natural stones are all the rage in countertops right now. They are sleek beautiful and really bring a classic elegance to any space. However, like we have talked about before, natural stones can be a lot of upkeep. So if the thought of real marble or quartzite is too much of a headache for you, maybe you should consider man-made options. 

    Across the market quartz has gained popularity because of the ease of maintenance these man-made stones provide as opposed to natural stones like granite, quartzite and marble; but with the function always seemed to come a bit of sacrifice when it came to form or the aesthetic. Even when these stones have pattern and movement they just can not seem to shake the look of stamped or fake because the pattern repeat is so tight. But today I want to show you a few options that have really brought their A-game to the natural stone-look-alike party. 

    Let's start with Cambria because there are two new Cambria countertop options that just hit the market and they are stunning.

    For those of you that don't know, Cambria is one of the leading manufacturers of quartz countertops. I for one have been a fan of the  Cambria product for a long time, not only for the durability, price point and made in America status, but for the aesthetic depth of their stones. For years I have felt their options were heads above their competitors for the simple reason that so many of their offerings had more depth and movement. Even some of their tighter, more repeated patterns just seemed to have more life. Over the past few years they have come out with some good "white natural stone esque" options like Torquay and Dovedale, but this year they have really outdone themselves with their newest additions starting with Brittanica (pictured above). Can you deal with how good this is? If you didn't know better would you not swear this was marble? The movement! The coloring! Brittanica is by far one of the best marble look-a-likes on the market today. 

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    Cambria - Ella

    New Cambria Countertop - Ella.

    Next up is the other new kid on the Cambria block - Ella. While this stone is not quite as dramatic as Brittanica, it definitely has the movement, depth and subtle veining necessary to make it an excellent fake out option. 

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    Ceasarstone - Calcatta Nuvo

    Calcatta Nuvo.

    Ceasarstone, is another reputable name in the quartz countertop world with some viable options that look like natural stone. In my opinion the strongest of their offerings in this department is Calcatta Nuvo. The movement and depth of color look authentic and the coloring seems to be on point. In my opinion this option is not AS strong as the two Cambria picks, but would still give you the natural white stone look without the worry and upkeep. 

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    Silestone - Lyra


    And my final pick goes to Silestone's Lyra. This stone is another pretty option with a truly authentic natural aesthetic. 

    As you set out to select the perfect countertops for your kitchen I hope you feel comforted by the fact that you have real options out there. Be it natural stone or man-made you no longer after sacrifice or compromise beauty for function; thanks to these stones you can have the best of both worlds!