62 Questions To Ask When Trying To Decide Which College To Attend

Picking A College Is A Tough Decision. Answers To These Questions WIll Help.

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Students lucky enough to be admitted to more than one university are often faced with a tough choice. Here are some of the important questions to ponder when making this big decision.

  1. Which are the college’s major offerings?

  2. What are the course requirements for interesting majors?

  3. What are the general education requirements?

  4. What are the graduation requirements?

  5. What are the minor options?

  6. Is it possible to double major?

  1. Are majors filled and difficult to get?

  2. When do you need to declare a major?

  3. What are the study abroad options?

  4. What percentage of students study abroad?

  5. How much career counseling is available?

  6. What do the career counseling placements look like for the past few years?

  7. Are there a broad range of job offerings and career paths for recent grads?

  8. How much additional academic help is available for students struggling in a class?

  9. How approachable are teaching assistants and professors?

  10. Is there an honors track?

  11. Is there merit aid?

  12. What are the housing options and how easy are they to get?

  13. Does the school guarantee housing for any students? Freshmen?

  14. Where do upperclassmen live?

  15. Is there Greek Life and how important is it?

  16. What is the available off campus housing?

  17. What sports teams exist (varsity, club, intramural) and how do you get on a team?

  18. What are the club or interest groups on campus?

  19. What is the 6 year graduation rate? 4 year graduation rate?

  1. What are the financial aid options? Loans? Work Study?

  2. What is the average debt of recent grads?

  3. What is the average salary of recent grads and their ability to manage debt?

  4. How hard is it to get an on campus job?

  5. How hard is it to get work in the area?

  6. How accessible is the faculty outside of the classroom setting?

  1. How many small seminar classes are available?

  2. What state/city do you want to live in?

  3. How easy is it to transfer from this college?

  4. What is the transfer rate from this college?

  5. What type of students does this college attract?

  6. What religious offerings are on campus or in the surrounding area?

  7. What are the cultural offerings on campus or in the surrounding area?

  8. What to students to on the weekend at this college?

  9. What percentage of students are residents v. commuters?

  10. Do students attend sporting and cultural events on campus?

  11. What are the travel options between home and campus?

  12. Are there research opportunities for undergraduates?

  13. Are there pre-professional tracks (e.g. for medicine, law or business)?

  14. Where do the students come from geographically? International?

  15. How diverse is the campus?

  16. How do students pick their roommates?

  17. What services are available for students with disabilities?

  18. What health/counseling services are available?

  19. Does the campus have a political leaning?

  20. Does the campus have a religious leaning?

  21. Is there a nearby City and do students spend much time there?

  22. What athletic/exercise facilities are available for students to keep fit?

  23. What dining facilities are available on campus or in the nearby area?

  1. Are cooking facilities available for students?

  2. How LGBT friendly is the college?

  3. What is the gender balance on campus?

  4. Will  AP credits earn course credit or just help with placement?

  5. What percentage of kids come back for sophomore year?

  6. Are there any programs, majors that are considered truly outstanding?

  7. Will a degree from this school help gain admission into graduate school?

  8. Does this college have strong alumni relations?