Quick Facts About Swimming Pools and Spas

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Ever wonder just how many pools exist in the United States? What about those sunshine-filled and pool-loving states on the left and right coasts: California and Florida? Test your knowledge of swimming pool and hot tub-related statistics and facts. You might be surprised.

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    Number of Pools in the United States

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    An aerial view of housing development. David Zimmerman/Getty Images

    There are an.estimated 10,4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States.

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    Number of Hot Tubs in the United States

    hot tub spa
    A spa attached to a pool. Lisa H. Taylor

    There are more than 7.3 million hot tubs in operation in the United States

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    How Many More Pools?

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    A beautiful pool with a waterfall. Otto Stadler/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

    That means there are approximately 3,100,000 (three million one hundred thousand) more swimming pools than hot tubs/spas in the U.S.

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    Number of Pools in California

    arnold schwarzenegger shriver mansion in los angeles
    Schwarzenegger house and swimming pool at night. Courtesy of realtor.com

    There are approximately 1.1 million pools in California, which is the most populous U.S. state. 

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    Swimming Pools in Florida

    Home in Key West, Florida. Courtesy of Old Island Restoration..

    The number of residential swimming pools in the state of Florida: 1,093,655."

    *Data Source: Florida County Property Appraisers' Offices. Compiled By: Kristal Hall, MPH Candidate, Florida State University

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    Number of Pools in Los Angeles

    lucy and desi swimming pool
    Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz relax in their private swimming pool. Getty Images

    German graphic designer Benedikt Gross and researcher Joseph Lee's "Big Atlas of L.A. Pools," is a digital analysis of every swimming pool in the Los Angeles Basin. Using complex computer mapping, they counted 43,123 between the Hollywood Hills and San Pedro (the L.A. harbor),

    This, presumably, was charted before the growing trend to fill in backyard pools in the face of California's record-breaking drought.

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    Average Cost of an In-Ground Pool

    in-ground pool
    A beautiful inground pool can mean years of exercise and recreation for your family. Lisa Hallett Taylor

    According to P.K. Data, the average cost of a 32-foot x16-foot in-ground swimming pool is $21,919.

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    Average Cost of an Above-Ground Pool

    above-ground pool
    Kids enjoy swimming in an above-ground pool. Getty Images

    The average cost of a 19-foot diameter above-ground swimming pool is $6,243, according to P.K. Data.

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    Pool and Spa Sales

    There's no denying that the economic recession devastated the residential swimming pool and hot tub industry. According to P.K. Data, sales of new in-ground pools fell nearly 75 percent from their 2004 peak. Hot tub sales didn't fare much better. Competition among pool builders drove down prices (good for the consumer), but commodity prices for cement, steel, and PVC—three staples of the pool business—continued to rise.

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    Reports of Recreational Water Illnesses

     A total of 81 recreational water–associated outbreaks affecting at least 1,326 persons were reported to CDC for 2009-2010 

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    Pool Chemical-Related Injurties

     In 2008, an estimated 4,600 persons visited an emergency department for pool chemical-associated injuries. The most common injury diagnoses were poisoning, which includes ingestion of pool chemicals as well as inhalation of vapor, fumes, or gases and dermatitis/conjunctivitis. More than half of the injuries occurred at a residence.

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    Who Swims More: Kids or Adults?

    An estimated 36 percent of children aged 7-17 years, and 15 percent of adults in the United States, swim at least six times per year.

    Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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    Failing Pool Inspections

    More than one in 10 (10.7 percent or 12,917 of 120,975) routine pool inspections identified pool disinfectant level violations, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Chlorine and other pool disinfectants are the primary barriers to the spread of germs in the water in which we swim.

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    Spas Failing Inspections

    According to the CDC, about half (56.8 percent) of spas are in violation of local environmental health ordinances, and about 1 in 9 spas require immediate closure (11 percent).