Try These Organizing Hacks That'll Tidy Up Your Space in 15 Minutes or Less

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Think you can't make major changes to your home's organizational state in a matter of 15 minutes? Well, think again, because it turns out that there are a number of simple projects you can take on in just a quarter of an hour that will majorly turn your space around.

Below, four professional organizers chime in with their go-to quick fixes.

Empty Clutter Baskets

Minda Hofer, the professional organizer behind Labeled Living in Edmond, Oklahoma, swears by this hack in her own five-person household. She designates a covered basket that she refers to as the "task basket" which helps corral daily clutter.

"As we go through our daily grind, items tend to get left out: Brushes, stuffed animals, shoes, and markers," explains Hofer. "When we need a quick fix, we will simply grab these items and place them in the task basket to be taken care of later."

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This way, the basket doesn't accumulate with objects galore. At the end of each day, Hofer devotes time to emptying the basket alongside her family members, ensuring everything is quickly put back where it belongs.

"It is a part of our kids' nightly routine before bed," she shares. "This not only works in a pinch but it's a nice way to create easy-to-follow habits for young children."

Sort Through the Mail

Even in this digital era, we all still receive plenty of mail. Don't let these catalogs, documents, and bills pile up. There's a lot you can do to tackle your mail pile in just 15 minutes, explains Lili Pettit, the founder of Clutter Healing in Los Angeles.

"If you have a pile of mail that needs your attention, take 15 minutes to sort the junk mail from the items you want to keep," instructs Pettit. "Toss the junk mail in the recycling bin and place any important mail in a place where you are most likely to give it attention."

Designate a Donation Spot

If you find that you're frequently cleaning out drawers and closets and are always creating a donation pile somewhere in your home, take some time to designate donation spots, urges Ashley La Fond, founder of home organization company Of Space + Mind. 

"What you need and use is ever evolving, especially when you have kids," the New York City-based organizer says. "Make it easy to edit on the spot by adding a donation box or a bin to every closet. When your bin is full, it's time to do a drop-off!"

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Get Rid of Old Devices

If you have a drawer filled with technological products that you no longer use, take a few minutes to sort through your collection.

"Chargers, cables, and old technology are a huge culprit for clutter," explains La Fond. However, she notes, it's easy to part with these products responsibly.

"Retailers like Best Buy have free recycling and trade-in programs," says La Fond. "Clear out those drawers and recycle or trade in those old iPhones, chargers, headphones, and cords you are no longer using."

Tackle the Pantry

Is your disorganized pantry getting you down? You might be surprised at how much progress you can make in just 15 minutes of organizing.

"Commit to regular pantry edits," advises La Fond. "Toss out expired items and get a sense of what you have before food shopping. Do this regularly to prevent food waste!"

Plus, meal preparation will be much easier once you have a strong sense of everything you have on hand and don't have to worry about jars and cans toppling down on you every time you open the cabinet doors.

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Make Small Changes for Future Successes

Another useful project you can take on in just 15 minutes is preparing your home for future chaos by placing bins and baskets in various rooms. "Try your best to avoid the 'shove it and close it' method, as it will create more work for you in the long run,'" notes Kenzie Harkey, professional organizer and founder of Simply Dare in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"The goal is to make tidying up and finding your things easy, so use labels or products to establish homes for certain things," she states. "Try a bowl for keys and a shoe rack near your entry, a tray to hold remotes, baskets on bookshelves for cords, and creating structure in drawers with drawer organizers."