4 Quick Tips to Remember Your Keys

keys on an end table

Etienne Jeanneret / Getty Images

Mornings are already hectic enough without adding "searching for keys" to your day. End the stress—at least for this particular problem—by employing some techniques to ensure your keys are right where you left them, every time.

Keep Them in the Same Spot

Newton was right—objects at rest stay at rest, and his first law is also an excellent first law of organization. The most important element of remembering your keys is to consistently leave them in the same spot as soon as you walk in the door. Some functional and creative ideas are a cake dish, a soap dish, a decorative hook, a large seashell, or a small tray.

Carry ID and Keys Together With a Lanyard

Something bulkier is harder to forget. Another option, though not for the fashion-conscious: a fanny pack. These are especially beloved by runners and dog walkers. And keeping your keys and ID together will increase the chances you will remember them.

Put a Reminder Note by Your Front Door

Make sure this is the last thing you see when leaving your house so you won't be distracted before you get out the door. As a bonus, if you keep this sign up all the time, it'll help you remember to drop your keys in the designated spot when you come in each day.

Go With What Works

If all else fails, you can always hide a key outside under a potted plant, in a fake rock, or another inconspicuous spot for those times when you find you've misplaced your house key.

For most of us, mornings will never be a blissful time where everything goes right and we get out the door without any bumps in the road. However, even making sure one thing is accomplished efficiently, like knowing exactly where your keys are each and every day, will help the mornings to be a little smoother.