Quility Premium Weighted Blanket Review

Sleep soundly with this soft and cozy weighted blanket from Quility

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Quility Weighted Blanket

Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

The Spruce / Olivia Valdes

What We Like
  • Effective weight

  • Breathable

  • Comfortable

  • Luxurious look and feel

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

  • Difficult to attach blanket to cover

Bottom Line

With its top-of-the-line design and luxurious feel, the Quility Premium Weighted Blanket delivers a restful sleep experience that’s well worth the investment.


Quility Weighted Blanket

Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

The Spruce / Olivia Valdes

We purchased the Quility Premium Weighted Blanket so our expert reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Weighted blankets can help with everything from reducing stress and anxiety to getting a better night’s sleep. Quility, a leading manufacturer, designed its Premium Weighted Blanket to feel like a warm hug. In order to see whether this popular blanket lives up to the brand’s claims, we sent it home with one of our testers, who used it nightly for several weeks. Read on to find out what she thought of its material, design, and overall value—and whether it helped her sleep better.

Material and Texture: Plush and layered

Quility’s Premium Weighted Blanket comes in grey and dark grey hues. Each blanket has seven layers. The outer layer is made from 100 percent cotton and is lined with several polyester layers containing glass beads (which are surrounded by polyester padding for extra comfort). The glass beads are also hypoallergenic, odorless, and lead-free.

Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover
The Spruce / Olivia Valdes

Our tester loved the look and feel of this blanket: “Despite its heaviness, the blanket is breathable,” she explained. “I didn’t experience that uncomfortable, overheated sensation that’s often caused by heavy comforters or duvets. Also, it didn’t make me feel like I was being suffocated or pinned down to the bed, which was my initial concern about weighted blankets in general.“

The layered material also provided the right amount of warmth, she said: “I tend to run cold, so I usually sleep with several blankets or comforters, but I found that to be unnecessary when using the Quility weighted blanket—it was warm enough without being hot and stuffy, and it kept me feeling cozy throughout the night.”

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Duvet Cover: Gives blanket a luxe feel

The included duvet cover comes in a variety of colors (grey, navy blue, patterned, pink, aqua, and ivory). It’s also made of minky, a 100 percent polyester fabric that’s known for being super soft. Our tester agreed: “The textured blanket cover is thick, plush, and quite soft to the touch,” she said. “It adds a level of luxury to the otherwise utilitarian blanket.” (Pro tip: it also adds warmth during the colder months!)

The one downside of this cover, however, was attaching it to the blanket: “The process of getting the blanket into the cover was a bit challenging,” admitted our tester. “It took about 10 minutes to complete on my own.” She then broke down the process: “First, I had to tuck the blanket inside the cover—an awkward process, because the blanket is fairly heavy—and then reach inside the cover and blindly tie eight different loops/ribbons.” Our tester also noted, though, that “once attached, the cover does hold the blanket in place.”

Washing and Upkeep: Only the cover is machine-washable

The inner blanket must be hand-washed or dry-cleaned and cannot go in the dryer—instead, you have to hang it or lay it flat to dry. However, the included duvet cover is machine-washable, but shouldn’t be put in the dryer.

Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover
The Spruce / Olivia Valdes
Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover
The Spruce / Olivia Valdes 
Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover
The Spruce / Olivia Valdes 

Size and Performance: Many options so you can find your perfect fit

For the best results, it’s important to choose the right size weighted blanket. Quility offers a variety of sizes to accommodate both individuals and couples. The company also provides a helpful chart for determining the best weight for you, with options ranging from 5 pounds (perfect for children) to 30 pounds. There are also a variety of sizes, including extended-length sizes if you’re particularly tall, with the longest blanket measuring 86 x 92 inches. The smallest (and lightest) blanket measures 36 x 48 inches. For couples with a queen or king-sized bed, the brand recommends a blanket that weighs 12-14 percent of the person who weighs less (plus one pound).

This product is absolutely worth buying—I adore it and am considering getting it for others as a gift.

“The 15-pound blanket was the perfect weight for me,” our reviewer said. “The heaviness of the blanket is calming and cozy. I’m delighted by what a difference it made in my sleep, too—the weight helped me sleep more comfortably on my back and allowed me to get to sleep more quickly; I also found that I woke up less frequently throughout the night and felt better rested in the morning.”

If you’re not happy with your purchase, Quility offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee—you can get a full refund, no questions asked. The company also provides 24/7 customer support.

Price: Expensive but worth it for the luxe details

With such a variety of sizes and weights, the cost of a Premium Weighted Blanket ranges. You can usually find it from around $90 (7 pounds) to around $240 (30 pounds). There are more budget-friendly options on the market, but in general, weighted blankets aren’t cheap. For the extra details—particularly the included machine-washable cover and the satisfaction guarantee—the price is well worth it. “This product is absolutely worth buying,” our tester agreed.

The textured blanket cover is thick, plush, and quite soft to the touch. It adds a level of luxury to the otherwise utilitarian blanket.

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket vs. Restorology Weighted Blanket

Comparing the Quility Premium Weighted Blanket to the Restorology Weighted Blanket uncovers a few key differences. While the pricing is similar, Restorology has fewer options when it comes to size and weight. Both blankets come with a removable duvet cover (made of minky fabric) and offer a money-back guarantee, but Restorology specifies a 30-day time frame. According to a few of our reviewers, the Restorology Weighted Blanket does begin to look worn-in after a while. Another distinguishing factor is that Restorology’s blanket uses plastic beads while Quility’s option uses glass beads, which are said to be quieter and distribute weight more evenly.

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Final Verdict

Yes, it’s worth the purchase

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket, this one hits high marks in every category. Our tester also gave her full recommendation, gushing that she was “extremely satisfied” with its quality. “I adore this blanket,” she concluded, “and would happily purchase it myself and am considering getting it for others as a gift.”


  • Product Name Weighted Blanket
  • Product Brand Quility
  • Price $119.70
  • Weight 15 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 60 x 80 in.
  • Includes Blanket and removable minky duvet
  • Warranty 100 percent satisfaction guarantee