This Quirky Attic Apartment is Full of Space-Making Surprises

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    A Studio Loaded With Unusual Storage Solutions

    Miguel de Guzman

    If you ever lived in a tiny studio, you know that carving out space for your essentials, not to mention an average-sized sofa or table for four, can be challenging. This quirky Madrid apartment, owned by Dido Fogué, is full of unique solutions for common small space problems.

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    Make More Room for Dinner Guests

    tiny kitchen Pop Out Table

    For example, the pint-size kitchen has a retractable dining set that lowers down from the ceiling. The table and benches make room for four adults.

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    Retractable Countertop

    miguel de guzman

    Need extra room for slicing and dicing? That's not a problem in this tiny kitchen thanks to a countertop that magically unfurls when needed.

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    Ingenious Ceiling Storage

    Micro Apartment Spain
    miguel de guzman

    Convenient ceiling storage that easily pulls open like this drop-down bookshelf frees up floor space while keeping visual clutter out of sight.​

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    Swing for Fun

    swing in micro apartment
    miguel de guzman

    The tiny living room in this crash pad is too small for an average-sized sofa. It is, however, the perfect size for this awesome little swing.

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    Oh Yeah, There's a Hammock

    hammock in micro apartment
    miguel de guzman

    Need to kick back to relax fully? ​This tiny living room is equipped with a hammock.

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    Floor Storage in the Bathroom

    bathroom storage in tiny madrid apartment

    Sure, living in an attic apartment like this one is especially tricky because there's not much headroom. This tiny bathroom tackles this challenge with a sunken tub and plenty of floor storage.

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    Pop-Up Vanity

    bathroom in tiny attic apartment

    The rafters overhead make standing up in this tiny bathroom impossible. This smart vanity, though, makes performing basic grooming tasks easy as pie.

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    Peek at the Bedroom

    Attic apartment Spain
    miguel de guzman

    The bedroom is just big enough to accommodate a full-sized bed. And unlike the tiny bathroom, there's plenty of headroom.

    So how much did it cost to renovate this 620 square foot attic apartment? Around $75,000 USD.