Use Quotations As Inspiration for Handmade Cards

  • How to Use Quotations as Inspiration for Handmade Cards

    It's What Sunflowers Do - Card
    It's What Sunflowers Do - Card. Kate Pullen

    If you are stuck for ideas for your next rubber stamping project, then how about using quotations for inspiration? Many stampers use quotations as sentiments for their cards, matching the quotation to the style of card or the occasion. Using quotations to inspire the design, however, turns this on its head and takes a different approach.

    Quotations are available on just about every conceivable subject. This makes them suitable for every occasion. In addition to different subjects, quotations also...MORE vary in tone. An amusing or irreverent quotation could provide inspiration for a funny card whereas a thought provoking quotation would work well in a classically designed card.

    How to Use Quotations as Inspiration for Handmade Cards

    One of the best ways to find quotations to inspire card designs is to take a look at Quotations or one of the other large quotation websites. These are typically searchable by subject. When you find a quotation that you like either bookmark it on your computer or make a note in a notepad (make sure to note the originator of the quotation as well as the website that published it, in case you need to refer back to it).

    Once you have a suitable quotation take a look through your stamps and embellishments and see what springs to mind! The sunflower quote used as inspiration for the card in the photo was just crying out for a sunflower rubber stamp! I used golds and greens as the colors theme to reflect the summer nature of sunflowers. Very elegant cards can be created using strong or thought provoking quotations mounted on a simple rubber stamped background.

    To use the quotation simply type it into a word processing package, pick an appropriate font and print this onto paper to complement the project. Inking the edges of the paper will help to blend it into the finished design.