Quotes for Mother's Day About Grandmothers

Touching, Fun or Funny Quotations to Honor Grandmas

Girl playing pat-a-cake with her grandmother
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Maybe you'd like to create your own greeting card, or maybe you'd just like a cool quotation to post on your Facebook page. Perhaps you're into making memes. These quotes about grandmothers are great for Mother's Day and are also appropriate for the other 364 days of the year. Because, yes, Mother's Day is for grandmothers, too.

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    Anonymous Grandmother Quotations

    These pithy sayings about grandmothers can be found on coffee mugs and t-shirts. No one knows who originally composed them, but they contain a lot of truth. Because they are anonymous, you can feel free to borrow and use freely with no copyright worries.

    • "Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting."
    • "Grandmas have old feet and young hearts."
    • "Being a grandmother is our last chance to act like a kid without being accused of being in our second childhood."
    • "Grandmothers are...MORE just antique little girls."
    • "A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television."
    • "There's no place like home except Grandma's."
    • "Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies."
    • "Grandmas don't just say that's nice — they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money's worth out of grandmas."
    • "Grandmas give you the cherry off the top."
    • "Grandmothers are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing into the telephone."
    • "Grandmas outlast tyrants. That's why the world survives."
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    Funny Quotes About Grandmas

    Thank goodness Grandma has a good sense of humor! Humorists love to target grandmothers. You might not want to put these quotations on a mug, but they are fun to read and pass on when the mood gets too serious. This is just a sample because funny grandma quotations deserve a page of their own.

    • Rita Rudner, comedian
      "My grandmother was a very tough woman. She buried three husbands and two of them were just napping."
    • Jeff Foxworthy, comedian
      "Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a...MORE present from your grandmother — you're not sure what you've got, but you're pretty sure you're not going to like it."
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    Classic Quotations About Grandmothers

    It's time to bring a little culture to this list. Even classic writers like Shakespeare sometimes turned their talents to describing grandmothers. Erma Bombeck is on this list because she was a classic even though her genre was humor. 

    • Louisa May Alcott, American writer
      "A house needs a grandma in it."
    • Erma Bombeck, American humorist
      "A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween."
    • Christopher Morley, American writer
      "It is as grandmothers that our...MORE mothers come into the fullness of their grace."
    • William Shakespeare, British playwright
      "A grandam's name is little less in love / Than is the doting title of a mother. . ."
    • Victor Hugo, French novelist
      "If you would civilize a man, begin with his grandmother."
    • V. S. Naipaul, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
      "As a child, I knew almost nothing, nothing beyond what I had picked up in my grandmother's house."
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    Quotations From Favorite Books About Grandmothering

    Looking for a quotation that's not too shopworn? Choose one of these from favorite grandparenting gurus. If you like what you read, you might enjoy reading the whole book. 

    • Bryna Nelson PastonHow to Be the Perfect Grandma
      "Truth be told, being a grandma is as close as we ever get to perfection. The ultimate warm sticky bun with plump raisins and nuts. Clouds nine, ten, and eleven."
    • Adair LaraThe Granny Diaries
      "My own mother didn't even try to keep up a decent show of...MORE interest in us, her actual children. I suspect she thought of us as the grandkids' drivers."
    • Jill MilliganGrandma Rules
      "As a daughter, you think you know everything. As a mother, you know you know everything. As a grandmother, you know they really don't know diddley."
    • Mary Pipher, Introduction to Eye of My Heart
      "When I think of my sacred sites, the first two that come to mind are my grandmothers' kitchens."
    • Duncan MacCarthy Whitmire, "Grandma Cass," in From the Porch Swing
      "To Grandma Cass, life was the sum of all the things that could have killed you, and didn't."
    • Hannah Yakin, "Stories I'd Rather Not Tell," in The Art of Grandparenting
      "If there is a family secret, it may best be revealed through a story. If the story is Biblical, so much the better."
    • Elizabeth Berg, "How I Got to Be Queen of England," in Eye of My Heart
      "Obviously there was something to this grandmother business. So far as I could tell, it was like being queen of England, minus the inconvenience of having to wear a crown."
    • Gloria HunnifordGlorious Grandparenting
      "What I and many grandparents have discovered is that when it comes to advice, less is more. The less you volunteer your opinions, the more you seem to be asked for them."
    • Barbara Evers, "Unexpected," in Child of My Child
      "All parents know that the love we experience prior to parenthood holds a small flame to the force and the power of the love that sweeps into your soul at the birth of your own child. Believe it or not, the birth of your grandchild carries a stronger, more potent love. This is the child of my child."
    • Lois WyseFunny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother
      "A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do."