Get Hopping! Bunny Rabbit Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Rabbit cross stitch patterns multiplying this spring season

You can not think about spring without thinking about bunny rabbits. They are THE animal representative of spring. Nothing says hop to it like a bunny rabbit. We spring into action like the rabbit hopping through the meadow, There are even spring time songs dedicated to this fuzzy little critter (remember Peter Cottontail). Who delivers Easter goodies to us? That's right, the Easter BUNNY! You are guaranteed that with the first sighting of the spring bunny, warm weather, flowers and sunshine...MORE are not far behind, Below is a hefty sampling of the best bunny rabbit cross stitch on the internet. 

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    Here Comes Peter Cottontail

     When I say spring and bunnies what is the first thing that comes to your mind? That's right, Easter! Spring time is all about the Easter Bunny. He represents new beginning and of course, CANDY! He brings us happy little Easter eggs that might have a little piece of chocolate in it. You can't be mad at him. He brings your treats! My Funny Stitches created a cute pattern that takes a new look at the traditional Easter bunny. He is a little pudgy (probably from taste testing all the...MORE chocolate) but that doesn't stop him from being absolutely adorable. The colors in the pattern are very subtle and very springy. You can purchase this pattern, along with a beautiful cut out pattern at their Etsy store HERE. 

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    Stitchy Rabbit

    Did you know that bunny rabbits are excellent seamstress? It's true! They are great at sewing vests, just ask Alice. This adorable kawaii inspired bunny seamstress by TS Cross Stitch would be the perfect addition to any sewing or craft room. Peering out from her sewing machine, you can tell she is creating a cute one of a kind outfit. Follow her lead and create something too. You can see this pattern and others HERE. 

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    Primitive Hare

     It is no secret that I love primitive cross stitch patterns. They are so haunting to me. Even something as sweet as a spring time hare can be prim and proper. This dapper character from La D Da cross stitch via The Cottage Needle is a perfect example of haunting a bit of sweetness. This hare is dressed to face spring with the dignity that it deserves. You can see all the patterns that The Cottage Needle has to offer HERE. 

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    Spring Bunny

     Bunny rabbits are often considered timid and somewhat shy but when we animate them we seem to give them a bit of personality. They hardly seem silly but rather reserve and sweet. Almost motherly. Sure there is the saying, "Mad as a March Hare," but in most cases, our view of rabbits is more reserve. Case in point the pattern by C Gabriel Needlework. The rabbit here is a little reserve but very sweet. The colors of the pattern are perfect for spring. You could pair this pattern up with...MORE others from their shop, maybe the fox? You can see all of their patterns HERE. 

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    AGGGHHHH Bunny Zombie!

     Maybe you are not into cute. You want something a bit darker, a bit more horror based. What you need is a bunny zombie. I wonder if bunny zombies still eat carrots or maybe they just gnaw off your face. Let's hope we never have to find out the answer to that question. Spot Your Colors has the perfect pattern that combines a bit of cute with a bit of gore with their Zombie Bunny. If zombie bunnies aren't your thing, check out the other fun patterns in their shop HERE. 

Hop on over to any of the shops mentioned above and a find bunny rabbit inspired cross stitch pattern. From cute and whimsical to dark and mysterious, the patterns shown are a perfect way to stitch into the spring season.There is something for every person and style. If you are feeling very inspired, you can create a whole woodland forest spring scene. Don't stop with the spring bunny, stitch a friend or two. We all need friends to share in our sunshine